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Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of  Top 10 Rich YouTubers Of 2021. I think it would be safe to say that if you’ve clicked on this post then you know of Youtube, at least a little. What you may not know is who some of the richest Youtubers are and how they got their money. What might be more interesting is how they spend it. So, Let's get started.

10. Markiplier 

If you’re familiar with Youtube then there’s no doubt that you’ve seen this friendly face at least once. Mark Edward Fischbach, known as Markiplier, has become one of Youtube’s most famous content creators and is seen as somewhat of the poster child for the video-sharing platform. Most of his content is the man himself playing what is mostly horror or indie games while giving both helpful and funny commentary on them. Markiplier currently has 29 million subscribers on his channel and has an estimated 20 million dollars in net worth. He is also a model for the brand Cloak where he shows off many shirts, hats, and jackets that sport the brand’s logo on them. The gamer is also considered a philanthropist by most as he has donated a major portion of his earnings to different charities including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Save the Children, and National MPS Society. It has been recorded that all of his profit from his brand deal with Cloak has been donated and more from his actual pocket. While Markiplier won’t tell how much he’s donated, it’s been estimated by fans to be at least 10 million dollars. He does save a bit of money for himself and has built up quite a collection of cars at least by his own admission. No one really knows what these cars might be or how many there are as we have not been shown many by the creator. 

9. Nastya 

Nastya is the second most popular kid Youtuber out there with 107 million subscribers between her seven channels. A typical video from this channel is just what you’d expect from a child: inflatable castles, playing with cats, and having fun days with her dad. Her channel began in 2016 when her parents posted videos of her on Youtube so that friends and relatives could see her progress after being diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Now it has become a place for Nastya to show the whole world every day in her life where she lives like a normal kid. Well, as normal as you can get with having a 19 million dollar net worth, we assume! Since Anastasia is only seven, we assume that she isn’t allowed all of her earnings upfront. We do hope that her parents have put most of her money into savings and the rest are going towards her videos and maybe a few toys too! 

8. VanossGaming 

Another video game commentator that has made Youtube more than a full-time job is VanossGaming. This Canadian internet personality is primarily famous for playing Call of Duty: World at War and Grand Theft Auto V. He currently has over 25 million subscribers and has a net worth of 25 million dollars. Vanoss has also produced music under the alias Rynx and was also the creative director for the game Dead Realm. He is extremely private about his home life so not much is known about the 27 year old outside of his channel. However, we do know that Vanoss does have a number of hobbies outside of his Youtube career, so perhaps his money is put into that. Other than his unknown outside life, it is known that Vanoss donates quite a bit of money to charity as many Youtubers do! 

7. Dude Perfect 

Dude Perfect first started gaining attention when they uploaded sports videos onto Youtube. It started with 5 friends betting sandwiches on basketball shots in the backyard while they recorded. This video took off faster than anyone could have ever predicted and the group continued to post more uploads. Eventually, they began to receive hundreds of thousands of views per week! Since their first video skyrocketed they have had a number of opportunities that include: an ESPN segment, working with numerous sport athletes, and even started a mobile game for Android and iOS. As of 2021, this channel’s net worth is roughly 30 million dollars and it’s not quite known how these guys spend it outside of their investments. However, they have expressed that a large portion of their earnings goes to Charity: Water and Compassion International, as they feel that charity is something they’re obligated to do since they have the means. 

6. DanTDM 

Daniel Middleton is more commonly known by his Youtube fans as DanTDM. He is extremely famous on the internet for his comedy-based gaming videos. Games that he plays include Roblox, Minecraft, and the Pokemon franchise. Dan has 29million subscribers on the platform and has a net worth of about 36 million dollars! This net worth is a combination of his Twitch, Youtube, Merch sales, brand deals with Trapeze, and video sponsorships one of which with Disney. How does he spend his untold fortune? Well, we don’t really know much about how but we do know that he likes to keep a nice computer setup and has spent tens of thousands of dollars on keeping it up to date and running. 

5. Pewdiepie 

This is one Youtuber who finds himself in controversy after controversy and it seems that it’s been that way for years. One thing that can’t be debated is his growing Youtube channel and immense success over the last decade. Pewdiepie currently has 110 million subscribers and is still the most subscribed to channel on the platform even after his 11 year career. His net worth is listed as $40 million dollars, although the creator himself has argued that this number isn’t right. He will not tell up how much is correct, but it seems as though $40 million may be too low. Perhaps that’s just what he makes from Youtube? He also has many brand deals, video promotions, merch brands, and a lot more that he does behind the curtain. So, what does the most subbed to creator spend all his money on? He likes to buy new cars when he can, he loves to travel, but he also makes sure to spend enough money on his set-up and computer to keep everything new and top of the line 

4. David Dobrick 

While this Youtuber originally found his fame on a video-sharing app called Vine, he is now a well-known Youtube sensation. Even though he didn’t start on Youtube, it took the community no time to warm up to him and make him part of the mainstream family. He began his channel in 2015 and now has over 18 million subscribers! His content is mostly comedy vlogs based on real events that happen in real life but he is also known to make blooper reels, challenge videos, and even plain sponsorship deal videos when it calls for it on his secondary channel. Dobrick currently has an estimated net worth of twenty million dollars. With this money, he has purchased a Californian home for 9.5 million dollars. That’s one of those chest tightening numbers for me when I’m looking at houses. I think that house would have to be pretty swanky for anyone to drop that kind of money on it! 

3. SSSniperWolf 

A very versed gamer who plays a variety of games including: Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Destiny, Halo 5: Guardians, Until Dawn, and Overwatch among many other titles, is SSSniperWolf. Her account was created in 2013, where Lia Shelesh, took on the Youtube name SSSniperWolf and began to try and make a name for herself. She now has 27.8 million subscribers on her channel and was even nominated and won “favorite gamer’ at the Kids Choice Awards in 2019 and 2020. So, what does Shelesh do with her money when she’s not behind the computer playing games? Well, like many other Youtubers, Lia has her own car collection though it seems that no one has gotten a tour of the collection but she is known to have a Mercedes in that collection somewhere. What is it with Youtubers and car collections anyway? 

2. MrBeast 

From videos that range from ‘$5 For Hot Girls To Advertise your Youtube Channel’ to ‘Giving a Random Homeless Man $10,000’ to even ‘Can 100,000 Pieces of Paper Stop a Bullet?’, MrBeast has made quite an impact on the Youtube community as both an elaborate stuntman and a philanthropist. He now has over 63 million subscribers on the platform and can boast a net worth of 8 million dollars. MrBeast does exactly what you think a philanthropist does with their money: He gives it to people who need it more. He’s been recorded giving cash to the homeless, donating to streamers on streams where the viewer count may not be profit-earning high, and even donating to a large number of charities. His Twitter is even centered on giving his fans in need money! It seems most of his money is given away quite generously but recently MrBeast has been in the news for putting some money into a new burger venture called MrBeast Burger. I haven’t had the time to try anything from their menu, but from reviews online and knowing where the money will probably go it seems like a burger worth trying out! 

1. Ryan’s World 

Ryan Kaji is just nine years old but has already been on the Youtube scene for five years as Ryan’s World. His channel currently has almost 30 million subscribers where he uploads both personal vlogs as well as unboxing and toy review videos. If Youtube wasn’t enough, Ryan also has deals with both Nickelodeon and Hulu where he will have shows on both platforms. His net worth is extremely high for a kids Youtube channel as many have stated it is now hard to gain profit from kids channels, however, Ryan is not having an issue as his net worth is up to 26 million dollars already and growing. Since he is only nine, it’s safe to say that we aren’t sure what Ryan would even spend his money on! 

That is it from today’s post on Top 10 Rich YouTubers Of 2021. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. 

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