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best female kpop dancers

Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Best Female Kpop Dancers. The artists we will talk about today have worked hard even before their debut in show business to polish their artistic talents in dance, they have trained day and night to be among the best dancers in K-pop, but without doubt and before all this, they have a special gift to enchant us with their movements. Stick around to find out who these Dance Queens are. So let’s get started.

10. Soojin - (G) I-DLE 

What makes Soojin the main dancer of the group is her charisma. Her dance style is relaxed yet elegant, and in combination with the confidence and control she has over her body and movements, it makes her the center of attention when she is on stage. The artist has become popular in the networks for her subtle but impeccable dance steps. 

9. Hyolyn - (ex SISTAR) 

The soloist and former member of the famous group SISTAR is considered one of the best dancers by many experts. When she worked with choreographer Aliya Janel for the song Dally, she caught the eyes of many K-Pop lovers and other professionals. Non-K-Pop fans watched Dally's music video and were amazed by his moves paired with big heels. 

8. Sunmi 

Sunmi brings together everything a K-pop artist should have on stage: presence and attitude accompanied by firm and graceful dance steps. The artist's presentations are synonymous of 'confident, catchy and woke', as many of her followers have described them. With a long artistic career, Sunmi has become known as one of the most prominent female soloist k-pop artist of the decade. 

7. Hyuna 

The popular choreographer couple J Black and Mary chose HyunA as one of their favorite dance idols. Mary revealed in an interview that she is the type of choreographer who fixes, beyond skill or technique, on expression and acting during dance. Likewise, she stated that HyunA excels in these aspects. The dances that the artist performs are always energetic and as charismatic as her, which is why she is one of the great dance references in K-pop. 

6. Chungha 

Chungha was a part of the group I.O.I from their debut in 2016 until their disbandment a year later, but her career as a K-pop artist was just emerging at that time. From the beginning of her career, in the program "Produce 101", she showed up her talent in dance by conquering all of Korea with her meticulous dance steps; becoming one of the most skilled dance artists in the industry today. 

5. Seulgi - Red Velvet 

Seulgi is hailed by the public as one of the best dancers in all of SM Entertainment, and was even named the best K-pop dancer by the so-called ''K-pop Queen'', BoA. Seulgi certainly possesses a gift when it comes to dancing, and she demonstrates it with pure and sophisticated dance steps that delight all that see her perform. 

4. Chaeyeon - IZ*ONE 

In Ji Woong, a famous Idol coach, mentioned in an interview that among other great K-Pop dancers, Chaeyeon definitely is the most talented and has a great potential. The complexion of the artist, which has long arms and legs, increases her ability to do any choreography in a lighter and more energetic way. The above, added to her passion for dance, make each of her presentations a unique experience. 

3. Momo - TWICE 

The famous choreographer Lia Kim revealed during an interview that she considers Momo to be the best k-pop female dancer. She also praised the idol's ability to start dancing right after observing a choreography, as well as being able to add her own charm to give it a more personal touch. Her fluid and confident style makes it addictive to watch her dance, and so there is no question why Momo is in the top 3 of the best dancers. 

2. Minzy - Former 2NE1 member 

Famous, among many other things, for her incredible talent for dance, Minzy demonstrated even before debuting with 2ne1 her artistic potential for dancing from an early age; which is not strange, since she comes from a family in which dancing is fundamental in their lives, with her mother being a famous folk dancer. Minzy was discovered due to her participation in a competition in Gwangju, performance that went viral and immediately opened her doors to show business at YG Entertainment. Minzy is known for her sweet, rhythmic yet steady dance steps, being a truly Dance Queen even in free style, which is one of the things she enjoys doing the most even today. 

1. Lisa - BlackPink 

Many talented dancers and famous choreographers agree that Lisa is among the best dancers and her abilities are unique. Similar is the opinion of choreographer Choi Young Joon, creator of many famous dances from groups like TWICE, Seventeen, among others. In an interview on YouTube, Young Joon mentioned that Lisa is one of the best dancers out of all the students he has trained. She even gave private practice sessions for the BLACKPINK member on occasion. No one can deny Lisa's talent. She is an expert for hip-hop, traditional dance, shuffle, and others, which is why she was chosen as a dance mentor for the Chinese reality show Youth with you, where she strictly shares her knowledge. 

That is it from today’s post on Top 10 Best Female Kpop Dancers. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. 

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