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cars with best gas mileage

Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Cars With Best Gas Mileage Ever. Do you know the gas mileage of your car? You can calculate your car's fuel economy by using the calculations prescribed by the Environmental Protection Agency. The ratings have existed since 1984, and we present to you the top 10 cars with the best gas mileage ever. See if you recognize some and guess their Mileage Per Gallon (MPG). So let’s get started.


When hybrids were in their prime, the Honda Insight came as one of the most affordable on the market. A 2010 Honda Insight cost less than $20,000 in 2010. The car served an excellent mileage as it ran on a city MPG of 40. On the highway, it has an MPG of 43. With its 1.3-liter engine on four cylinders, the Honda insight had a combined MPG of 41. 

9. 1985 SUZUKI SA310 

We have also not seen this car before, but it has a good record with the EPA, so we believe that it existed at some point. We said we were giving you the best, so here you go. The manual transmission car had a 1-liter engine and three cylinders powering it. Suzuki SA310 only sold in 1985. The car had a city MPG of 39 and a highway MPG of 47. That puts it as number nine on this list with an impressive 42 combined MPG. 


The not-so-famous Pontiac firefly was a popular name in Canada and the Middle East from 1985 until 2001. The manual 1-Liter Engine with three cylinders did well with gas mileage on their expeditions. A Pontiac Firefly has a city MPG of 39 and a Highway MPG of 47. At a combined MPG, it stands at 42. That is impressive for a car many of us have never seen or heard of. 


The Honda Civic Hybrid came as seventh in the line of the generations of Honda Civic. At the same time, they became the first generation of Honda Civic hybrids. This automatic 1.3-Liter Engine with four cylinders became a step-up for previous models from 2003 to 2009. The car had a city MPG of 40 and a Highway MPG of 45, putting it at a Combined MPG of 42. In the race to the best gas mileage car ever, this is not the last we will hear of the Honda Civic on this list. 


We must mention that Honda has a high mileage club of cars. They also manufactured the next car that we talk about. This 1995 Civic HB VX was a high fuel economy car that kept mileage to the best of its potential. Similar models were released from 1992 to 1994, but this one made it big on the list. The car had a combined MPG of 43 with city and highway scores of 39 and 50, respectively. This 1-liter engine enjoyed a good run in the 90s. 


This Honda Civic was making futuristic moves as far back as 1986. We need to appreciate their commitment to better gas mileage from the beginning. The HF in the name stands for High Fuel Economy. And, this was a decade before we were introduced to hybrids. We saw similar models introduced till 1990. The 1.5-liter manual transmission car has a Combined MPG of 46. That is a mix of City 42 and Highway 51. 

4. 1994 GEO METRO XFI 

If you are a car fanatic, as we guessed that you are, then you might have heard of this one. The 1994 Geo Metro XFI, which was tagged the King of Budget Cars. The cars were highly consistent and became a favorite among budget-friendly car buyers. But, you may remember it as the car that had its Passenger Mirror Deleted. Unfortunately, there is no way to say it less hilarious, but the manufacturers wanted a high fuel mileage car. And I think they got it, considering that the Geo metro xfi is number four best MPG of all time. However, they had to make some modifications, which led to the cars coming without passenger mirrors. The car has a combined MPG of 47, although its city and highway scores are 43 and 52. This manual 1 Liter Engine car has a tale to tell. 


Sometimes manual transmission cars create futuristic features, and this Sprint was one of those. The Chevrolet had a unique feature that indicated light for whenever it was time to shift a gear. With its three Cylinders and a 1 Liter Engine, the car was a good sport back in the 80s. There were other models released with similar features from 1985 to 1988. The mileage on the highway is 53, and the city has 44. This breaks a Combined 48 MPG. You might find some of these cars riding around in the country. 


Although the Toyota Prius brand had been on the market for years, it was the third model that made it into the good books of combined MPG. This model is known for having a different mileage scale than others. Usually, you find that the highway scores better than the city, yet this car does better in gas mileage in the city. The Four-cylinder, 1.8-liter engine also uses an automatic transmission. The cars were released in similar models from 2004 to 2009. In calculations, the 2010 Toyota Prius has a city mileage rating of 51 and a highway mileage per gallon of 48. That brings its Combined MPG to 50. That is not bad for a second spot. 


The EPA’s mile per gallon rating for this car has stayed the best since it was released on the market in 2000. Honda released similar 1 Liter Engine models between 2000 and 2006, and we still have some of them on the road going just fine. The mile per gallon rating in the city is 49, and then it gets as high as 61 on the highway. With three cylinders, this manual transmission two-seater has a combined mileage per gallon of 53. That is the best score any car has received in the almost four decades of MPG ratings. When the Honda Insight was released, it made history as the First Hybrid Car in the United States. 

That is it from today’s post on Top 10 Cars With Best Gas Mileage Ever. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. 

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