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good netflix movies to watch

Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 7 Good Netflix Movies To Watch Once In Your Life. Whether or not you are a movie person, there are a number of movies you just have to see in this lifetime because they will literally change your life forever. P.S: There might be spoilers ahead, but we’ll keep it to the minimum. So let’s get started. 

The Invitation 

The Invitation is not the first movie to play around with dinner-party disaster, but it is certainly one of the very few that do it to perfection. This 2015 movie is basically about dinner guests who remain in the house despite some really weird activities going on, and just because they are far too polite or chill to leave, or at the very least, ask questions. The story follows Will who is invited to his former home for a dinner by his ex-wife, Eden and her new husband, David. He hasn’t seen this ex-wife in 2 years and the old gang will be there, so Will is not the most comfortable as he drives down to the house. But to make matters even worse, as they, that is, Will and Kira, who is in the car with him, drive to the house, they hit and kill a coyote on the road, so he is already really shaken up before arriving. And that sets the tone of the movie which is continually turned up as Will tries to navigate through his emotions and the vibes he seems to be getting from his hosts who behave like they belong to some sort of cult. It seems to Will like he is the only one perceiving that something is off. So, the whole movie sees Will and the audience try to figure out whether things are actually weird or whether he is just blinded by his emotions. The end is something you certainly won’t see coming. 


The movie, Zodiac, is a 2007 adaptation of a 1986 non-fiction book of the same title that tells the story of a real life serial murderer that referred to himself as Zodiac. This serial killer operated from the late 1960s to the early 1970s in the San Francisco Bay Area, but was, unfortunately, never caught. Now, the movie Zodiac tells the fictional story of 3 heroes played by some of Marvel’s finest: Robert Downey Jr. as Paul Avery who is a reporter, Mark Ruffalo as Inspector Dave Toschi, and Jake Gyllenhaal as Robert Graysmith who is a cartoonist, who bound together to catch this elusive killer. And we see how their understandable curiosity turns into an all-consuming obsession. The beautiful writing and the equally beautiful delivery suck you in and keep you there so that you have no choice but to feel what each of the characters are feeling. You follow them on this wild-goose chase throughout the years and can’t help but feel frustrated as they hit dead end after dead and struggle with the fact that some answers will never be known. Certainly a movie to watch. 

Get Out 

Get Out is a movie about race like you have never seen it told before. This 2017 American horror movie was directed by Jordan Peele who, before then, was mostly popular for being one half of Key & Peele and also for being a comedic actor. But his directorial debut is such a fine mix of genres that a lot of people began to put more respect on his name. As was mentioned earlier, Get Out has racism as its major theme but it does it in the ‘show don’t tell’ fashion that just makes the movie so gripping It draws on feelings of being an outcast and then amps things up to life-threatening levels. A majority of the movie happens in one day and is centered around the protagonist Chris, who is black, going with his white girlfriend to meet her white family who do not know that he is black. Now, while a regular movie about race would have made this the tension of the movie, Get Out takes things further, a lot further. But because we don’t want to give away any spoilers, we’ll stop here and recommend that you go and watch the movie. 

The Babadook 

The tone for this 2014 Australian psychological drama is set really early on when the main character, Amelia, is rushed to the hospital to deliver a child, and her husband, in trying to get to the hospital, is killed in an accident. The next scene we see is Amelia, now a single parent, trying to raise her elementary school age son who is a major headache. Props have to be given to the little boy who plays Samuel because the character was written to be really horrible and loathed by the audience and the actor played it to perfection. Watching the movie, you will find yourself torn between hating a child and wondering if you should be. But just as your feelings begin to tip more towards justification for the former, the movie springs a twist in the form of The Babadook, a nasty man that apparently holds evil influence over a household, at least, according to a children’s book that Sam discovers. And just like that, the mom, Amelia, becomes the ‘evil’ one. The Babadook is a movie that really explores the themes of depression, pain and suffering, especially those of being a parent. And if the director of The Exorcists could consider this the scariest movie he had ever seen, you better strap in for this one. 


Written and directed by Rian Johnson, Looper is a sci-fi movie that uses time travel like you have probably never seen it used before. This 2012 movie takes place in 2044 and 2074, and I have to say that from what the world, and America specifically, looks like now, both variations are really plausible. The premise of the movie is that a group of gangsters in 2074, making use of time travel which is illegal, send their victims back in time to 2044 to be disposed of by some hitmen. Then to close the loop, each hitman in the future would be sent back to the past bound and hooded to be killed by their younger self. Based on this premise, Young Joe, the main character, is understandably shocked when his target arrives without a hood and he discovers that he has to kill himself; his older self. So, young Joe goes on a journey to try and find himself… and then kill him But he finds some really disturbing facts along his journey that just messes with his head and will definitely mess with yours too. 


Whiplash, a 2014 psychological drama, explores the relationship between a student who will do anything to succeed and a teacher who has really ‘intense’ methods. The student, Andrew, is an aspiring jazz drummer who is desperate to join a prestigious band at the fictional Shaffer Conservatory which he attends, but his perfectionist, instrument-throwing teacher, Terrence, is really difficult to impress. As a result, desperate Andrew spends all his time training and practicing so hard that his hands bleed, and loses practically all of his relationships in the process. Whiplash exposes the price of success, showing that something almost always has to give as you strive for fame and success. This movie is Damien Chazelle’s directorial breakout for good reason; tensions in this movie gradually rise till they climax, and you can just feel all of it in your chest. 

Ex Machina 

Yet another sci-fi movie on this list, Ex-machina explores the relationship between man and technology in a really interesting way. This 2014 British-American movie follows a young programmer, Caleb, who wins an opportunity to work with a super genius who has the money to throw into whatever crazy idea he can come up with. This time around it is AI backed by a really disturbing personal agenda that takes Caleb some time to notice. We see Caleb develop a crush on the beautiful robot, Ava, who he was tasked with interviewing. Ava, on the other hand, just wants to be free of her confinement, but Nathan, the super genius, is too happy playing God. Ex Machina, which happens to be Alex Garland’s directorial debut, creatively uses sci-fi to explore some common topics like the objectification of women by men. You can be sure that when you are done watching this movie, you will come away with a number of issues to ponder on. 

That is it from today’s post on Top 7 Good Netflix Movies To Watch Once In Your Life. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. 

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