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Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Popular Twitch Streamers Banned. Ever dreamed of becoming the biggest streamer in the world? One of the most common things that Twitch streamers go through is being banned. Sometimes it’s because they broke rules that they shouldn’t have, at other times Twitch just decides that their content is not suited for their website. Whichever reason it may be – that’s what we’re looking at today as we show you the top 10 popular streamers that got banned for interesting and ridiculous reasons! So let’s get started. 

10. Sodapoppin 

Everyone who watches Twitch streams knows Sodapoppin, especially if they’re a gamer. And he’s also someone that went viral for receiving a series of donations that made up 57 thousand dollars in total – which is one of the biggest donations that gaming streamers have ever received. He ended up getting banned for violating the ‘in-game sexual content’ guideline and he made his situation worse by making an apology video in which he mocked the streaming platform for the ban – which is a bad idea because the platform does not like users publicly revealing the reasons behind their bans. He did get unbanned eventually and still has a Twitch channel at the moment – so all’s well that ends well. 

9. Adin Ross 

Adin Ross’s ban on Twitch was one that caused an uproar in the community. He received his third ban and it was due to the fact that he had an inappropriate roleplay on Grand Theft Auto, which caused Twitch to ban him after reviewing his content. Adin took it to Twitter to call Twitch hypocritical for the ban and stated that nearly naked women on the website are allowed to do what they want, but risky pixels in a 3D game is too much for the platform and that’s where they draw the line. Fans created a hashtag called #FreeAdin and it began to trend, and since than he has been unbanned and has almost 5 million followers today. 

8. MissBehavinOfficial 

One of the most controversial Twitch bans happen to be the time when MissBehavin was banned for streaming actual pornography on the platform. She has an OnlyFans account where she sells such content and one day she accidentally did not log out of her stream on Twitch and began to engage in inappropriate behavior live on camera. This led to a 3-day ban and she has since claimed that it wasn’t intentional and that she sells the content so she wouldn’t show it for free. She hasn’t been particularly popular since this incident, but she remains unbanned today with a small audience. 

7. Indiefoxx 

Indiefoxx is one of the most popular Twitch streamers in recent years and one of the reasons behind that is that she has been banned not once, not twice, not four times, but a total of SIX TIMES. That’s the highest number of bans any actively popular Twitch streamer has received, and she remains banned even today as the most recent ban is possibly the last one. Her first bans were related to the infamous hot-tub streaming, while her fourth ban was because of offering a ‘service’ in which she wrote the names of her subscribers on her skin. Then she was banned for the fifth time for inappropriate ASMR which was tied up with the Number 4th ban on this list! Then the sixth and last ban came for the same reasons as usual – she was being too inappropriate for the platform. She both broke guidelines and disrupted the community standards, which is understandable as many popular streamers are vocally against content of this kind. She was also later banned from Tiktok too. 

6. Ice Poseidon 

Streamer Ice Poseidon received a permanent ban on Twitch for one of the most unexpected reasons that you would expect from the platform. He streamed himself going to an airplane for a flight and his terminal number ended up showing on the video. A fan, or hater, called the airport security pretending to be Ice Poseidon himself and told them that he is carrying a bomb. This led to security removing him and this even made news on major TV outlets. Eventually, Twitch considered this a violation of their rules as it caused an inconvenience to the civilians on the airplane and also streamed it live on the platform. He has since regained his following on YouTube and is trying to get Twitch to reconsider their ban. 

5. Donald Trump 

Former US president Donald Trump was not a conventional streamer, but he did have an official Twitch channel where his speeches and opinions were streamed – so it’d be criminal to leave out a ban this massive! If you ever thought that you can get away with anything as the president of the United States, then you’re going to be surprised for this one as Donald Trump was straight-up banned from the platform without second thought given. The reason behind it was the fact that the platform believes he incites violence against civilians, and used the platform as a way to do that. Aside from Twitch, Facebook and Twitter have banned Donald Trump as well for the same reason. 

4. Amouranth 

Hot tub streamers are a thing that wasn’t always there but is something that everyone is familiar with today. Twitch user Amouranth is arguably the most popular one among them all and the community has a debate almost every second day on whether the platform should allow them to be there or not. Amouranth has received three bans in total on the platform, and they’re fairly not confusing when you look at the type of content she produces. The first ban came when she showed accidental nudity on the channel, the second one came due to a gym stream the platform considered inappropriate. One of her bans came within minutes of number 7, as both were practically competing with inappropriate ASMR. And the last and most recent one was when she opened a not-safe-for-work link on a live stream sent by her fans. She’s definitely very used to the bans at this point and it has not affected her following whatsoever. She was unbanned eventually and is going 4 million strong. 

3. Dr Disrespect 

Dr Disrespect is someone that almost every Call of Duty fan is aware of. Not only that, but everyone in the gaming community has heard of him at least once in their lives even if they don’t watch his streams or play the games that he generally logs into. His ban is perhaps the most mysterious one on the Twitch platform, as he had signed an exclusive multi-year deal with the platform a few months prior to his ban. Then one day, he was banned without any publicly known reason in 2020 and the decision was permanent. It was never disclosed by Dr Disrespect or Twitch what happened and despite thousands of theories made by both the fanbase and websites – no one knows what could have happened even to this day as his channel did not seem to violate any rules. He moved onto YouTube and his popularity has remained unscathed. He also said in a recent stream that he might sue the platform – but it’s not known yet if it’s happened yet. 

2. Phantoml0rd 

Usually, when Twitch streamers get banned, either they come back or remain banned – and any lawsuits tend to lead to dead ends as the platform has many rules that allows them to ban streamers that they don’t like. However, Phantoml0rd is a streamer who made it to the news for fighting back stronger than anyone else. He received a ban in 2016 for the reason of ‘misleading viewers regarding Counter Strike: Global Offensive gambling’. The way he misleads in this accusation was that he obtained betting percentages and house money that he could use on his website based on CSGO gambling without letting his audience know those things. However, he sued the streaming giant aggressively and he announced that he won the case against them with approximately 21 thousand dollars being awarded to him for winning on ‘all counts’. 

1. ZilianOP 

Perhaps the most bizarre ban of all time on Twitch comes in the form of the streamer ZilianOP. He was a very popular World of Warcraft streamer whose fame was prominent in the year of 2013. One of the reasons behind him being well-known was the fact that he was paralyzed from the lower half of his body and he had used his disability to raise approximately 20 THOUSAND dollars so that he can buy an expensive wheelchair and to move cross-country to be closer to his girlfriend. One day, however, he forgot to turn his stream off and he stood out of his wheelchair and walked off – revealing to his entire audience that he can indeed walk and his disability had been a lie. Twitch banned him for the deception and he disappeared until 2020 when he finally resurfaced on YouTube and said that he was able to walk after years of physical therapy and his disability wasn’t meant to be a lie.

That is it from today’s post on Top 10 Popular Twitch Streamers Banned. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. 

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