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Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Play To Earn Crypto Games | Best Crypto Games. Now let's get started!

10. Zed Run 

Zed Run is a horse-racing game which revolves around not only the racing, but the entire process that is involved too. The player breeds horses and they all have different attributes, such as the power and speed rate, and their abilities too. The way that this game helps you earn money is that each horse has a specific DNA that is unique to them and not all horses are created equal, so some of them are rare to come across and that makes them valuable as NFTs – which the player can then sell off for real money. 

9. Gold Fever 

Gold Fever is a role-playing game that is all about surviving in a harsh jungle environment. You can participate in intense battles with or against factions, collect valuable loot, and craft different types of items. The items within the game are NFTs and the players are free to trade them however they like. And to make things even better, this game allows its top players to vote for what changes that they wish to see in future updates too. 

8. Splinterlands 

Splinterlands is a card game which pits two players against each other with a deck of cards. Each card has unique properties and provide different types of advantages to the player. The winner gets ‘Dark Energy Crystals’ and can then use the cards to both buy more and to exchange the ones that they have for cryptocurrency. 

7. Nine Chronicles 

Nine Chronicles is a proper role-playing game that has things such as PvP and PvE combat, monster killing, loot gathering, and leveling up as you play through the game’s fun quests. Unlike other online RPGs though, this game has peer-to-peer networking which means that no company owns the servers that it runs on and the game cannot die as long as there are players who enjoy it. 

6. Town Star 

Town Star is a farming sim that is developed by the creators of Farmville, which should give you a good idea of how this game is too. Players can build any type of farm that they want and hire NPCs to work under their command too. The layers are given rewards based on how successful their farm was once every 6 days and then the map is reset for another 6-day cycle. The rewards include NFTs too, which can then be sold off for real money. 

5. Guild of Guardians 

Guild of Guardians is an action RPG that has a beautiful fantasy atmosphere. The player can create teams of guardians and then become allies with other players by mutually forming a guild. Then, they can compete in different missions and earn rewards through guild-based activities. The rewards include blockchain-based prizes and the player is free to sell them to their wishes. 

4. League of Kingdoms 

League of Kingdoms is a full-fledged MMO in which players can create a kingdom, form an army, and then establish their dominance by taking territories by force. The properties are NFTs and this means that the virtual land is property that the player will own, rather than the developers, and then can sell it off to the highest bidder. Similar to Gold Fever, the developers of this game take fan feedback very seriously too, so that’s another plus. 

3. Axie Infinity 

Axie Infinity is similar to Pokemon and easily one of the most popular blockchain-based games of all time. The ‘Axie’ that the game’s title refers to are digital in-game pets that the players own. Like Pokemon, the pets level up by participating in PvP battles and then the in-game money collected through the victories can be used for buying and breeding more Axie pets. When the players get particularly good or rare pets, they can sell them off in the NFT marketplace for a handsome sum of cash. 

2. Lost Relics 

Lost Relics is an action RPG that is all about dungeon crawling, collecting loot, and then investing the spoils into getting better cosmetics and weapons. The rewards that the player gains by looting dungeons includes both in-game items and those that are based on blockchain, allowing players to trade them, sell them, or keep them. The game only has limited slots at the moment, so you should try to get in while you still have a chance to get selected for the pre-alpha beta! 

1. Sorare 

Sorare is another card game, but this one is based specifically on the trading aspect of things. It has cards based on real-life footballers and the value of the cards id directly determined by the real-life achievements of the sportsman that the card is based on. You can form virtual teams with the cards, join leagues, and make them play matches which will both make your team stronger and also give virtual results that add excitement to the game. The most expensive card sold through this game was based on Christiano Ronaldo, and it cost the bidder a whopping $290,000! Although not everyone gets lucky enough to make that kind of money, it’s still something amazing to think about. 

These games sure look fun, so making money through them is almost like icing on the cake since we’d play some of those even if they were just like any other game! 

That is it from today’s post on Top 10 Play To Earn Crypto Games | Best Crypto Games. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. 

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