Top 10 Funniest And Unique FORTNITE Streamers YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW!


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Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Funniest And Unique FORTNITE Streamers YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW!. The game just has an incredibly humongous fan base full of passionate players, viewers, content creators and E-sports organizations. Now let's get started!

10. TSM_Myth 

In 2017, Myth became an actual Fortnite sensation when he started his channel on Twitch and gained a MASSIVE surge in popularity right off the bat. He was quickly picked up by the popular E-sports organization Team Solomid (TSM) and has been a content creator for them ever since. Myth’s career began properly from Fortnite, and he still manages to keep up with the game each season despite being busy with other things such as the new Riot Games’ IP Valorant and other games like RUST, Escape from Tarkhov. But Fortnite has always been Myth’s main game, and he has managed to accumulate a HUGE fan following for himself through it! 

9. Dakotaz 

Dakotaz’ stream just got a complete overhaul. He got a whole new streaming room, with brand new streaming gear as well as an entirely different overlay including a new frame for his webcam, a brand new starting soon screen and a great be right back screen. His entire stream has been reshaped, but he’s the same old goofball that every Fortnite viewer on Twitch just can’t help but love. Dakotaz is one of the oldest OG streamers for Fortnite, and while other streamers such as Myth, Ninja and Dr. Lupo have diverged from the game; Dakotaz still plays the game like there is no tomorrow. His passion for not just playing Fortnite but to create educational content that would help new streamers get into the game is such great content to actually watch, especially if you’re new to the Fortnite scene itself. 

8. Mongraal 

Mongraal is 16 years old, just let me clear that up before I say anything else. Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson is an English Fortnite competitive player and streamer, working with FaZe Clan. Now if you’re unaware, Mongraal is one of the largest channels on Twitch not just for Fortnite, but in general. He has beat out humongous streamers to reach a top 100 spot on Twitch’s overall statistics. He also has won Fortnite tournaments multiple times, his most recent win being the European Online in November 2020. He’s also the YOUNGEST FaZe Clan recruit to date, as he was only 13 years old when he was recruited by FaZe Clan officially, which makes him a record holder for that. Mongraal is a super talented, friendly young man who is insanely skilled at what he does! 

7. Ops1x 

Ops1x is an Afghan-American Fortnite streamer who started streaming the game back in 2018, and reached an ultimate level of success in September of 2020 when he was signed by TSM. TSM and their accumulation of insanely talented Fortnite players lead to ops1x being signed, and his streams have been extremely fun ever since. Ops1x has such an energetic personality that he can make literally anything seem fun, even the times he played Fall Guys was fun to watch because of the way he reacted. But by far, his Fortnite content is something else entirely, his game sense is off the charts and his aim is precise, along with his quick reflexes he has mastered the game in a very short span of time. 

6. Clix 

Clix is NRG’s ONLY Fortnite prodigy, and he has been taking his role seriously more than anyone else. Clix has over 2.1 Million followers on Twitch alone, not to mention his YouTube channel has 1 Million subscribers too. Clix’s surge in popularity was so incredibly powerful that he overtook Tfue in a heartbeat. However, this did take a huge toll on his mental health, working so much and streaming for so long has both physical and mental affects, so he has taken a break from overworking himself. While he still streams regularly, and puts out YouTube videos semi-regularly, his streams are shorter and more concise, and yet his content remains as fun as it always had been! 

5. SypherPK 

What can we say about the man, the myth and the legend himself; SypherPK. SypherPK is one of the most well-known Fortnite personalities, it’s not just the insanely funny predicaments he finds himself in but also the top-quality content he produces out of these situations. He managed to keep himself stuck to Fortnite despite watching other streamers and friends of his lose interest in the game, yet he constantly kept getting better and is at a point where he can literally just walk into a lobby and destroy everyone by simple key inputs. While it’s true that he does play other games from time to time, Fortnite is his main bread and butter and his channel both Twitch and YouTube are FULL of it. There is educational content, funny content, videos of him getting hackers banned and reported and much more on his channels, and that’s the best part about his content; the variety! 

4. Aqua 

He’s known as one of the absolute greatest Fortnite players in the world, David "Aqua" W takes up the number fourth spot on this list. He’s one half of the famous World Cup winning Duo, Aqua consistently streams Fortnite as his main game and plays it the most out of almost anyone on this list. He still even participates in almost every single competitive event, and has managed to keep his competitive and streaming careers working in tandem. His gameplay is super entertaining, but what makes Aqua such a fun streamer is his incredibly insightful commentary on what to do in specific situations. 

3. BenjyFishy 

BenjyFishy is the world’s second most popular Fortnite streamer, and is considered one of the best competitive players in the Fortnite professional scene while being only 16 years old. Benjy’s ability to scope out the map, know where to position himself despite the circumstances and his insane aim locking is what has gotten him such a huge audience. The best thing about Benjy’s streams is the way he reacts to his chat, he has some of the funniest screen presence with everything he says becoming an indirect joke somehow. Fortnite funny montages are always filled to the brim with Benjy’s interactions with Twitch chat, and his insane gameplay. Benjy’s definitely someone everyone should look out for if they’re getting into Fortnite or have been looking for someone to follow anyways! 

2. TFUE 

What can be said about Tfue that hasn’t been said already. The man was a gaming prodigy, and became one of the largest Fortnite content creators as soon as he got into the game simply because of how cracked he was. He was hitting shots that seemed impossible to everyone that watched his videos, and his opposition always thought that he was cheating. Tfue managed to become a millionaire with a year and a half of playing Fortnite, and has been part of a huge amounts of controversies surrounding Fortnite and organizations within the E-Sports community. He’s known as the King of Default skins because he got banned by Epic for buying and reselling an account, so he stopped paying Epic for skins (for a day or two…). Tfue is still one of the most entertaining Fortnite players on the planet, so check him out! 


If you don’t know about Bugha, then you have to be living under a rock because this teenager is a global sensation. How could the literal world champion of the Fortnite competitive scene not make it to the very top of our list? In 2021, Kyle "Bugha" Giersdorf is still racking up insane viewer counts on Twitch, and is usually the one commanding the most views on Twitch’s Fortnite category whenever he’s live. His gameplay is absolutely nuts, he has the fastest building skill in the world as well as some of the best aim and game sense to carry himself. He has an innately witty sense of humor, and he’s overall an incredibly fun streamer to watch, it doesn’t matter if you want to watch Fortnite or not, Kyle’s personality itself just deserves the viewing. 

That is it from today’s post on Top 10 Funniest And Unique FORTNITE Streamers YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW! If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. 

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