Top 10 Streamers and YouTubers DONATING BACK To Community


Top 10 Streamers and YouTubers DONATING BACK To Community

Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Streamers and YouTubers DONATING BACK To CommunityNow let's get started! 

10. Pokimane 

While most of the Twitch streamers are known for getting massive donations, sometimes they end up giving back to the community as well. Pokimane, the number 1 female streamer in the world, makes millions of dollars in donations, monthly subs and sponsorships and she tries to give back to the community every once in a while. Her $10,000 donation to different small streamers became quite popular back in the days and it helped out a LOT of the streamers in supporting and pursuing streaming as their career. 

9. David Dobrik 

Popular for his hilarious vlogs and entertaining videos on YouTube, this guy quickly became an internet sensation and this time not because of his funny videos or a leaked scandal but because of his generosity that was recognized by people all around the world. He was praised not only by his fans across the globe but even some of the most popular celebrities, for his outstanding deeds. Back when the Pandemic first started to take a toll on MANY people’s life, this young lad David Dobrik decided to ease their sufferings by donating people on the streets. He was going all out from expensive consoles, iPads to even signed cheques worth 10s of thousands of dollars. And while we couldn’t praise his generosity back then we decided to add him to our list of the most generous youtubers and streamers! 

8. Shroud 

Shroud is not only one of the most popular streamers in the world but he is also one of the richest! And so naturally, just like any other rich and popular guy, Shroud likes to help people out and while he’s not really known for MASSIVE donations, he still manages to help people raise money for charitable causes or help small content creators to pay for their basic needs. Like this one time he helped a musician pay for her medical bills and it was just so heart-warming when she started singing for him. He loves to make small donations to people in need every once in a while and it really helps people out, it might not be TOO extravagant but it makes sense! 

7. Courage 

Next up on this list, we have CouRageJD or Jack Dunlop from New Jersey, famous for his fun yet informative content on YouTube and entertaining gameplay streaming on Twitch. A while back CouRage was contacted by a fundraiser platform Tiltify, who he has worked with before to collect donations for different charitable causes but this time it wasn’t about collecting but to give back to the community. Much to his surprise, he was to give away a total of 50 thousand dollars in donations to a number of different small streamers on twitch who were looking to collect some small donations with a small fan base. Their reactions, as you can imagine, were heart warming as always and they were just SHOCKED to see someone donate a thousand bucks out of the BLUE! 

6. Dr. Lupo 

When we talk about the most generous streamers and youtubers, it’s not only about people who throw out a ton of money from their own pocket but it’s also about those who help get people together and donate for a charitable cause. And over the last few years, Dr. Lupo has been named as one of THE MOST charitable personalities in the entire Esports industry. His most popular charity helped raise over 2.3 MILLION DOLLARS in a single day and it was going straight to saving children’s lives. Since then Dr. Lupo has been taking active part in the charities and fundraisers to get people to donate for a good cause! 

5. MatPat 

While we are at the subject of Fundraising and especially St. Judes, I just have to mention MatPat who broke the record for getting the most donations in a single day stream, raising over a STAGGERING 3 Million dollars for St. Judes and of course the previous record was created by Dr. Lupo. MatPat or more commonly known as the “game theorist” is a US based content creator on YouTube who’s famous for sharing his thoughts and ideas on various logical and scientific aspects of the game and talks in depth about the lores and stories behind them. With around 15 millions subscribers on YouTube, Mat loves to use his influence to help give back to the community as much as he can. 

4. Jacksepticeye 

Who doesn’t know the name Jacksepticeye, this Irish dude makes some of the most fun content on YouTube and after his appearance with Mr. Beast, he was claiming the top charts and I think that Mr. Beast surely rubbed off on him, as he has been making some generous donations and helping raise a ton of money for different charitable causes over the last few years. With his recent “Thankmas” charity he is aiming to raise more than what he raised back in 2020, which was more than 660K in less than a DAY! Boasting over 27 million subscribers on YouTube, this guy surely knows how to GIVE back. 

3. Markiplier 

The next one on this list has been a staunch believer in giving back to the community. Markiplier has helped raise millions of dollars for a ton of different charities for some of the greatest causes in the world. Markpilier or Mark Fischbach has around 25million followers on YouTube and I love the way he uses his reach to help out the people in need. Besides raising millions of dollars for different charities over the years, Mark also donates a significant amount of earnings to different charitable institutes and other small content creators to help them out. But that’s not even the end, Mark also decided that he’d donate ALL the revenue that he generates from his Merch and according to his estimate that’s around 300,000 DOLLARS each month and He’d donate all of that for a good cause as well. Indeed, a man with a golden heart. 

2. PewDiePie 

YouTube’s biggest celebrity likes to keep things low key when it comes to the charities and donations but we know for a fact that PewDiePie AKA Poppy Smoria AKA Felix is one of the most generous YouTuber slash streamers who LOVES to give back to the community. Over the years of his successful career, Felix has helped raise millions of dollars for charitable causes and he loves to make sensible donations to streamers and gamers every once in a while. Apart from that he has also donated for different causes, team trees being one of the recent ones in which he donated 50k dollars! But that’s the ones that we know of, he has been entertaining us for YEARS now and there’d be a lot of anonymous donations that he would’ve made and a ton of charities that he would’ve been a part of that we still don’t know of, making him the second most generous YouTuber on this list! 

1. Mr. Beast 

I know you’ve all been waiting for this, Mr. Beast is by far THE MOST generous guy when it comes making MASSIVE donations to streamers with 0 subs, giving thousands of dollars to strangers, helping charities raise millions of dollars and TEAM TREES being his one of the most popular cause that targeted to plant over 20 million trees! And it makes perfect sense, most of his earning comes from YouTube where people apparently love to watch him spend a MASSIVE dough in extraordinary ways which ultimately pays for his donations! He even has a second channel whose income goes directly to a charity or gets used for a good cause. Nonetheless, He remains to be at the top of our list for Extremely Generous streamers and Youtubers! 

That is it from today’s post on Top 10 Streamers and YouTubers DONATING BACK To Community. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. 

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