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Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Biggest SIMPS Ever Caught On Livestream. Due to the ever-growing popularity of streaming platforms such as Twitch, these Live streamers are no less than any celebrity with millions of followers. 

And just like any popular celebrity female more than male streamers find themselves with some pretty awkward fan encounters. So, I thought don’t we go over 10 of the BIGGEST SIMPS ever caught on live streams! Shall we? 

10. Two Simps fighting over Pokimane Pillow. 

Simps come in all shapes and sizes but the first moment on this list takes the whole simp-game to the next level. This moment shows Soda and one of his mates fighting over a pillow that has Pokimane’s face printed all over it. 

The 2 seems to be fighting over who the BIGGER Pokimane lover is while showing off their channel points to make a point on Livestream. One of the guys even tries to push the pillow under his shirt. Damnnn dude, simp much? 

9. Guy tries to SIMP on Amouranth.

The next moment on this list comes from the comicon event where one of the Amouranth fans, who is apparently a mod, tries to be a little simp-y but in a low-key manner and tries to hi-five his favorite streamer. 

However, Amouranth kinda ignores him without making it too obvious, almost as if she didn’t see him trying there, which I am pretty sure she did, right? But things get really cringy when she tells him what the chat has to say about him, which obviously has to do with him being a simp. 

His reaction just makes the whole not-so-obvious attempt way more obvious. Check out the whole moment and let me know what’s your take on this? 

8. Nyyxxii gets $1000 donation from a Simp.

People donate to their favorite streamers all the time and NO! Not all of them are creepy. The clip shows a popular streamer Nyyxxii gets donated 1000 dollars during one of her live streams, while she is apparently drawing her own character. 

She gets really hyped and almost couldn’t believe how someone can donate such a wild amount of money. Her reaction to getting a grand makes the moment wholesome to watch. 

7. Jinny gets a SWEET Gift.

Jinny is a very popular IRL streamer who travels around and shares her whole journey with her fans. She has managed to grow a pretty sizable audience on Twitch and just like any female streamers she often gets simp-bombed and while making BIG donations are the common ways to Simp. 

This fan of Jinny’s sends her a fully customized box with her photos in it that seems kinda infinite and it’s super sweet but also goes on to show the lengths fans can go for their favorite streamer to feel special. Now this is the type of simp, I can actually bear watching. 

6. Twelve Year Old Kid simps Pokimane. 

Pokimane almost always gets simped by her fans all the time and she’s kinda used to it but this one incident during one of her duo matches in Fortnite where she gets teamed up with a 12 years old perverted kid became quite a hit a few years back. 

The kid had no idea at first that the Pokimane he was playing with was actually his favorite streamer and he was just saying all kinds of nasty stuff to her throughout the whole match, which Pokimane finds to be absolutely shocking. 

He even asks for her number when she tells him that she is the same Pokimane he loves. I don’t know if he was for real or just meme-ing Pokimane out to make things funny. 

5. Streamer Donates $400 gets called VIRGIN.

Every fan, especially a “simp”, wants to be heard by their favorite streamers and the best possible way to get heard is by donating on their livestream. 

The next guy on this list donates $400 to Anita during one of her live streams with a cheesy pickup line and instead gets called a virgin by her. 

I get it how annoying it gets when you are constantly bothered by fans who think they can hit up on you using their money! I mean her reaction says it all. 

4. Fan SIMPS out hard on Brittany.

Brittany Venti has her own controversial moments in the world of streaming but this time, we are going to look past that and talk about this one time when one of her fans started to SIMP out hard on her during one of her livestreams. 

Apparently he believes that Brittany is his soulmate and he confesses that he loves her. However upon asking how much he actually knows about her, the fan gets all pale and out of words. The dude gets rejected for simping out hard and decides to give up. 

3. Cringy Simp stalks Streamer in real life.

Being a streamer opens you up to all kinds of weird and cringy people around the world and while it’s not easy to face them even from your closed room, having to face them in real life as a female IRL streamer gets a little too cringy and dark. 

But that’s exactly what happened to this young asian IRL streamer who got followed by a creepy simp, who started out a bit nice but then turned out to be this freak following her around town while she insisted that he leaves her alone. 

2. Callux simping on Pokimane in Among Us.

Like Abraham Lincoln once said, “Games die but their memories continue to live on” and that’s exactly the case with Among Us. It might have died and perished away but for what it’s worth it has given us a lot of memorable moments to laugh about, simping included! 

Like this one time when Callux, out of the blue, started to simp out on Pokimane in a cheesy way and the whole party goes into laughter. He even goes on to say that he saw Pokimane in his heart. 

1. Creep Asks Streamer for a KISS! 

If we were to take a look at the subscribers list of any popular female streamer, we’d definitely find like half of them having some sort of a crush on the streamer. 

However, not all of them get to meet their favorite streamers on the street like this creepy dude who wants to take a selfie with a popular female streamer who goes by the name JinnyTTY. But right after the selfie, he flat out asks the streamer to kiss him on his cheeks because apparently… she GOT to. 

However Jinny refuses to do that but being a cringe that this guy is, he tries to pull off a different approach to get the kiss and calls her “Vanilla”. No, dude you are not going to get a kiss just because you asked her to. 

That is it from today’s post on Top 10 Biggest SIMPS Ever Caught On Livestream. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. 

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