Top 10 Superheroes From The 90's We Wish We Could Forget


Top 10 Superheroes From The 90's We Wish We Could Forget

Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Superheroes From The 90's We Wish We Could Forget. Mullets, pouches, and double-lit bullet shells. These are the core building blocks that made everything work during the fabled decade that was the 1990s. Only issue being, they flat out age horribly, especially the Super Heroes. Here are top 10 '90s super heroes we wish we could forget. So let’s get started.

10. Spiderman 2099. 

The '90s loved taking something familiar, like your friendly neighborhood wall crawler, and mixing it up with something slightly less familiar, like a dystopian Blade Runneresque future, which is how you get Miguel O'Hara, spider-man 2099. With a suit that just screams I'm definitely not trying too hard, a holographic sidekick, and fingertips that had little knives protruding from them, old dirty Spidey 2099 truly was at the vanguard of trying new stuff in the most '90s way possible. 

Thankfully, or unfortunately, depending on your take, the 2099 imprint didn't last long. And Miguel O'Hara was doomed well, actually not really. He pops up quite a bit. He's in Spider Verse, just had a new costume designed for him by Kris Anka, and even had another ongoing set in the 6-1-6. So actually our boy Miguel-- he ain't doing so bad after all. 

9. Sleepwalker. 

When college student Rick Sheridan became bonded with an alien that protects the minds of the sleeping, little did he know he'd be in for a whole slew of adventures as Sleepwalker. Yeah, not exactly the most thrilling of super heroes, but the 1990s cult favorite Sleepwalker has some ardent fans out there. 

Created by Brett Blevins and Bob Budiansky, this would-be paranormal psychic do-gooder had an ongoing series that lasted 33 issues, believe it or not. Has the character gone on to much acclaim since his initial three-year run? No, not really. But he's still around, walking in his sleep. 

8. Artemis Wonder Woman. 

Artemis of Bana-Mighdall is an Amazon warrior. Depending on the continuity, she either grew up with Wonder Woman or was Diana's right-hand woman, or was just generally around. She's never really gotten the shine she deserves honestly. 

But in the '90s, for a brief moment, she really did. Artemis took over the role of Wonder Woman. During her time as the ambassador to the world of man, she was also gifted with special weapons and objects that increased her powers. Gauntlets of Atlas, sandals of Hermes, and of course, the golden lasso of truth. They might sound dorky, but they sure get the job done. 

Wonder Woman has had some strange reboots and remakes over the decades. Artemis might not be the most fondly remembered, but she certainly is one of the most '90s. 

7. Dark Claw. 

Speaking of the '90s, inarguably the two biggest characters of the decade were Batman and Wolverine, which begs a simple question, what do you get when you combine Batman and Wolverine? No, not metaphorically. Literally. What do you get when you combine the Berserker from the Great White North and the Dark Knight? You get Dark Claw. 

Sure, Spider Boy, Super Soldier, Doctor Strange Fate and Amazon all had their devotees. But let's be real. The only character from the amalgam crossover that anyone really remembers is Dark Claw? Why? Because he looks cool. Too bad we'll never see him again, thanks to the fact that both of the respective comic book companies involved are now owned by the biggest corporations in the world. 

6. '90s Daredevil. 

It's kind of hard to screw up Daredevil. Matt Murdock, the blind lawyer by day, super blind vigilante by night. It's not really that complicated. And yet, the '90s got it wrong. How, you ask? Well, by giving our favored guilt-ridden emotional mess, armor. Yeah, that's right. Armor. 

On the practical and logistical level, does it make sense that Mr. Murdock, a normal dude who definitely isn't bulletproof would want to wear some tactical SWAT gear? Yes, absolutely. Which at the time, everyone hated. 

5. Bloodwulf. 

Bad boys were huge in the '90s. And the king of them all was Lobo. The sarcastic parody of the cigar-chomping, cliche cool dude, catchphrase-spouting, grim, dark good guy captured the hearts and minds of 12-year-olds everywhere. But what's cooler than Lobo? A cheap knockoff by Rob Liefeld, of course. Enter Bloodwulf. 

He rides a motorcycle shaped like a gun, has hair that stands two feet tall, and he has more belts than Tommy Wiseau. Is he fondly remembered? No. Does he have the same sardonic Edge that Lobo had? No. Is he even remotely cool? No, honestly, not really. And yet here we are talking about him. So he must have done something right. Well, honestly, not really. Bloodwulf kind of just sucked across the board. And that's really the most distinguishing thing about him. 

4. Jean-Paul Valley Batman. 

Another thing the '90s loved was killing people. Or pseudo-killing them. Superman got punched to death by Doomsday. Spider-man got cloned to death. Professor X got onslaughted. The biggest non-death of them all is Batman. After Bain broke his back, a genetically engineered assassin named Jean-Paul Valley took up the mantle of the Dark Knight, the costume that had a garter belt made of pouches. Because that's what the kids wanted, right? From his bizarre mask and chest design to the fact that his gloves had razor-sharp claws on them, Valley's whole not-Batman look was pretty weird. Didn't stick around that long, thankfully. 

However, Jean-Paul's next code name, Azrael, has been going semi-steady for 20 or so years straight. Good for you, Jean-Paul, good for you. You don't listen to the haters that say there's really no purpose or need for your character in Gotham. They don't know you. They don't see the real you and how completely pointless you are. 

3. Otherworldly Punisher, the Punisher. 

Frank Castle, vigilante with no otherworldly abilities. Just a man fueled by hate and with many, many totally completely, legally obtained firearms. Well, during the '90s before Garth Ennis got his hands on ye ole big pun, Marvel decided to take the character in a new direction, one that involved him being resurrected as an avenging angel. Yeah, that's right, an angel. Well, sort of. He was also sort of a demon. 

Through a long, convoluted line of events, Frank ended up with a signal on his head that glowed red or white depending on if he was killing for heaven or hell, which makes just about as much sense in the books as it does in this extremely brief synopsis. This ironically is the darkest time in the Punisher's history, and exactly zero people have ever tried to continue the story line.

2. Feral Wolverine. 

Cast your mind back to yesterday, the mid-90s, when the X-Men movies weren't even a vague possibility yet. And as such, Marvel didn't handfistedly make a needless origin for Wolverine, the man with no past, just to beat the film's doing it first. What they did give Wolverine, though, is two of the most controversial words in all of X-Men history. Bone claws. 

Yeah, after Magneto stripped Wolverine of his adamantium, it drove Logan mad and turned him feral. It also revealed that the claws were part of his original mutation, not just the healing factor. So for a solid chunk of the '90s, Wolverine ran around with a head bandanna, speaking broken English and fighting with bone claws. Does it even need to be said? Fine, this era is hated by almost everyone. 

1. Superman, Red and Blue. 

OK, so how does one communicate the truly bizarre weirdness of the Superman comics in the '90s. So Superman dies. He gets beaten to death by Doomsday, then everyone thinks he comes back. But it turns out there's actually four Supermen all claiming to be the real Superman. Superboy, Steel, Vindicator and Cyborg Superman. Then it's revealed that none of them are really Superman. And the real Superman has been in a coma. And the vindicator suit brings him back to life only for him to split into two Superman. Yeah, two Supermen. One of which was red, the other was blue. 

Thankfully, Superman Red and Superman Blue have been relegated to dollar bins in the ensuing 30 years since the reign of the Supermans. The comics might be god-awful, but at least we can all agree that we all win by not having to have seen these extremely stupid costumes ever again. I mean, they're basically twice as stupid because, you know, there's two of them. 

Honorable Mentions.

Maggot from the X-Men. A.k.a. the guy whose intestines evolved to be two gigantic maggots. Not even kidding. Danny Ketch Ghost Rider, a.k.a. the living embodiment of acid-wash jeans and mullet grease. The Maxx, which honestly, if you hadn't read or watched, I don't know how to explain it to you. And Darkhawk, the quintessential '90s not-Spider-man who definitely needs another ongoing series. Bring him back again, Marvel. 

Did we miss anything? Do you have any thoughts on horrible '90s characters that should come back? 

That is it from today’s post on Top 10 Superheroes From The 90's We Wish We Could Forget. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. 

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