Top 7 Popular Streamers Who Drop Out To Stream Full Time


Top 7 Popular Streamers Who Drop Out To Stream Full Time

Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 7 Popular Streamers Who Drop Out To Stream Full Time. So let’s get into it!

1. Pokimane 

Pokimane, hands down, is one of the MOST POPULAR female game streamers in the world. Not only on twitch, but Pokimane’s “queendom” spreads over YouTube and Instagram as well. She has become a super influential personality due to her massive fan following. But before all this, Pokimane was just Imane Amy, a young Moroccan-Canadian student, enjoying her major in chemical engineering before she decided to drop out of college to pursue her streaming career full-time! Considering there weren’t many popular streamers out there at the time, Imane made a pretty bold move and looking at her success right now, it sure was the right one. 

2. PewDiePie 

Of course, how could we ever forget the guy from Sweden, who single handedly became the MOST SUBSCRIBED gaming channel on YouTube. Yes, I am talking about Felix Kjellberg, one of the most influential personalities on earth! He started his YouTube career back in 2010 but before that he was just another guy who loved playing games. He had completed his high school and joined Chalmers University in Gothenburg to study tech management and industrial economics. But he soon realized it wasn’t his cup of tea and decided to drop out of college in 2011 to pursue YouTube as his professional career. 

3. Ninja 

Before becoming the poster boy of Twitch streamers, Ninja was just Tyler Blevins, an ordinary guy living an ordinary life. And just like most of us, Ninja went to school and graduated from Grayslake Central high school. After his high school graduation, Ninja went on to join Silver Lake College in Wisconsin to get a degree. Meanwhile his knack for professional gaming was constantly on the rise. So much so that he was making thousands of dollars as a young high school graduate, which was a BIG DEAL! Soon after, he decided it was now time to bid goodbye to his studies and become a full-time streamer. Which definitely was the best decision he made. 

4. H1ghSk1 

What I love the most about Esports is that it literally takes age as just a number. You could be 50 years or 15 years old but if you are good at what you do, streaming can be just the perfect career for you! Just look at this young boy, who due to his incredible skills in Fortnite made it to one of the BEST clans in the world, FaZe. However, just like any other popular streamer this young dude also had to drop out of school in order to make the most out of his time and skills. H1ghSk1 has now become a BIG name in the Fortnite community with a bright future ahead of him. 

5. Sceptic 

While we are talking about young streamers dropping out of school, I just can’t help but include Sceptic on this list. A 14-year old who managed to REKT TFue during a hot clash in Fortnite back in 2019. The video of him beating TFue went bananas over the internet racking up millions of views. This gave Sceptic a much-needed kick start for his career as a Fortnite streamer and he soon decided to drop out of school to take full advantage of this opportunity. Griffin “Sceptic” Spikowski now enjoys being a full-time battle royale streamer with a loyal fanbase of his own. 

6. LazerBeam 

Every true gamer knows the name Lazerbeam, a young guy from Australia, who has made a BIG name for himself in this competitive era of gaming due to his incredibly fun gameplays. Starting from Fortnite, LazerBeam or Lannan Eacott has now become a variety game streamer with multiple games under his streaming umbrella. Although none of this would've been possible if he hadn’t decided to drop out of high school, which he did to join his family’s construction business before pursuing his streaming career professionally. He has since amassed millions of subscribers on YouTube after his Fortnite videos became super viral! 

7. Tarik 

The next streamer on this list has probably the most interesting story to tell. Tarik started out as a dumb shirtless CSGO player, who didn’t even know how to play. Some of his decision during competitive matches were considered so dumb that people actually made memes on him. But he never gave up and slowly began to get a grip on his playstyle to own his enemies. Tarik was considered as a dual personality streamer, with his “watermelon mind”alter ego (as the fans liked to call) so dope that he could take down a whole team in a single run! Later on, Tarik was invited to join the NetCodeGuys and for that he even decided to drop out of college to become a professional CSGO player.

That is it from today’s post on Top 7 Popular Streamers Who Drop Out To Stream Full Time. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. 

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