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Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 6 Kdrama Couples That Make You Believe in Love Again. To many of us, nothing sparks a viewer’s interest more in a drama than the sparks between the couples. 

Afterall, the chemistry between main couples very often sweeps us off our feet, drawing our eyes to the screen for weeks to come. Today, let’s dedicate the article to ships with sparkling chemistry - never the same and yet never failing to leave us infatuated. Alright, let’s get this top list started.

1. Park Min Young & Park Seo Joon - What’s wrong with secretary Kim.

Perhaps a guy straight out of our romantic fantasy, Park Seo Joon in What’s wrong with secretary Kim is just extra in everything he does. And of course, this includes renting off a whole theme park to dote on his partner - who in this case, is his secretary Mi So, played by the “queen of chemistry” Park Min Young. 

Being the vice-president from a super rich family, Seo Joon’s character was just so used to the extravagance and not-at-all familiar with normal people’s life. 

This makes his relationship with Mi So all the more interesting, for she’s willing to teach him all the wonders of the world - feeding him food, dating in non-fancy restaurants - the list goes on. 

What’s more, it is just heart fluttering to see their every gesture - from the back hugs to their many, many kisses, and the fact that one of their kiss scenes even reached 200 million views on its own is just a prime testament to their rocking chemistry. 

In fact, this couple was so on point even off-screen, that many people even suspected Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young of dating in real life, despite it having been years since this series aired. 

2. Lee Jong Suk & Han Hyo Joo - W: Two Worlds.

Well, have you been in that awkward situation where you imagine yourself dating a fictional character? No worries, for we have all been there. 

Still, it’s not something completely unimaginable in the Kdrama world, for it’s literally the plot of W, where the female lead, played by Han Hyo Joo, fell for a character in her dad’s webcomic. In particular, she was whisked away to this comic world, and there met Kang Chul - aka Lee Jong Suk’s character, and saved his life. 

They didn’t exactly start out on the best footing - but the two’s constant push and pull and bickering just make the series all the more better. Honestly speaking, W: Two Worlds was pretty grim, with a serial murderer and all the bloody mess, but the couple’s chemistry never failed to put a smile on our faces. 

We have to credit Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo for doing their job well. Every moment they are alone with each other, sparks fly across the room and we all feel butterflies. From hilarious to tragic - this couple just have it all, making for one super enjoyable watch. 

And it’s notable to say that the chemistry also continues off the screen, and fans even coined the ship name ‘JongJoo’ and make many, many videos that can soften my cold dark heart. 

3. Park Hyung Sik & Park Bo Young - Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. 

Well, enough of the dramatics, for the next entry, let’s lighten our hearts with the ultimate cotton candy love in the iconic series Strong woman Do Bong Soon. 

Contrary to many, many Kdrama where it’s the strong gangly male lead protecting the tiny weak female lead, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon set out to do the exact opposite. 

In fact, our cute Park Bo Young is going to play Bong Soon - a girl with superstrength, who works as a bodyguard for Park Hyung Sik’s character Min Hyuk, who’s a game company CEO being hunted by a psychopath. 

Well, the series is nothing short of hilarious to watch, not only because we get to see this tiny girl punching people, twisting bones, and lifting cars - but also because she keeps pretending to be all weak and doo-ey in front of her crush. 

It’s also thrilling to see just how different our couple are while in love: The normally strong Bong Soon is so cute and soft when it comes to her feelings, while Min Hyuk is surprisingly forward. 

They are just this opposite-attracted, bickering, love-me-or-love-me-not trope that exudes chemistry - which us Kdrama fans love to ship. It certainly didn’t help that they have the cutest and fluffiest romance that will make you twist and turn along with the characters. 

And that height difference makes their kiss scenes all the more better. Seriously, the two’s chemistry was just so grand, that 5 years later, and some are still begging for a season 2. Even the actors are suspected of dating, but whatever the case, we can’t deny that they delivered spectacularly. 

4. Park Hyungsik & Han Hyo Joo - Happiness. 

Well, we have Park Hyungsik and Park Bo Young, and just before that, Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo. It seems that these actors and actresses just never fail to sport stunning chemistry, seeing that Hyungsik and Hyo Joo re-enters the list, in the form of the Yibom couple in the zombie series Happiness. 

Unlike others on this list (and despite its title), Happiness isn’t at all about romance. Instead, it’s set in this luxury apartment building where a mad person disease goes haywire - turning people to blood thirsty sort-of zombies that lurk around every corner. 

To make it short: it’s a series about survival, humanity and class issues. And yet, it gave us one of the best Kdrama couples. Introducing Sae Bom - Han Hyo Joo’s character, who entered a fake marriage with her high school friend Yi Hyun - played by the charming Hyungsik, in order to get an apartment. 

They know each other best and are comrades that fight side by side - making for this absolute chemistry despite having next to none romantic scenes. It’s just so interesting to watch the couple side by side: with the brash, brawny, and kind of crazy Saebom kicking ass and Yi Hyun covering her tracks. 

They drove us to tears with the lengths they were ready to go for each other, and their confession was totally heartfelt. And worry not if you are afraid of bad endings that usually entails bloody zombie movies - for our duo got their sweet happy end! No need to hunt any screenwriter down while crying over your favorite couple! 

5. Shin Min Ah & Kim Seon Ho - Hometown Cha Cha Cha. 

Now, leaving behind the very, very gloomy happiness, let’s come to the gentle ocean breeze - and heal yourself as you indulge in the swoon-worthy chemistry between Shin Min Ah and Kim Seon Ho in Hometown Cha Cha Cha. 

Who would have thought a drunken night and a stranded night at the seaside village would be one’s life turning point? Certainly not Yoon Hye Jin, a well-known dentist in Seoul whose one bad decision leads to her life falling apart. Yet, she loses as much as she gains. 

She gets a new chance at life at Gongjin and finds love for herself with Chief Hong. But romance didn’t come quickly. Instead, we get a long slow burn romance, as the series slowly builds up our favorite couple, develops their characters, until finally in episode 10, we get to see chemistry explode between the finally official couple. 

Indeed, it is cheesy to see them sharing all the lovey-dovey gestures only high schoolers would do, yet, that only shows how much they cherish each other and hold dear this love. 

Of course, the couple had their ups and downs, they started out on a bad footing, fought, but, eventually, they learned to trust each other and settle it out! 

Also, Shin Min Ah and Kim Seon Ho did an excellent job in conveying every little spark, that it makes you feel all melty inside. Seriously, for a healthy romance with brilliant chemistry, just dive right into this series! 

6. Hyun Bin & Son Ye Jin - Crash Landing on You. 

Like money, love doesn’t usually fall from the sky. Yet, in the case of Crash Landing on You, that can actually happen, albeit it will require you to go paragliding in the middle of a storm and some really tough luck. 

In Crash Landing on You, we are following the tumultuous life of Yoon Se Ri, played by Son Ye Jin, as the next in line for power in her chaebol family. 

Overcoming obstacles to righteously get to her position, life throws at her a hurricane that ultimately takes her right to the Korean border, where she meets Captain Ri Jung Hyuk, played by Hyun Bin. From then on, their journey starts as Jung Huyk tries to take Se Ri back to South Korea in her rightful place. 

Simply put, their chemistry is just out-of-this-world. What starts out as a convenient way out of the ordeal turns to a blooming romance that has us on our knees. The way Hyun Bin is both like a giant hugging bear and personal bodyguard just reaffirms him as the dreamboat of many K-drama enthusiasts. 

Even their bickering feels like an old married couple! Finally, the kisses - just so sweet, intense, and soulful. It came as no surprise that they were dating all along, really - the way they look at each other, touch each other…. - everything was just oozing with affection. 

Of course, there are so many more swoon-worthy Kdrama couples that are worth mentioning, but due to time restricting, we sadly have to leave a lot out. What about you? Are there any other Kdrama couples with chemistry so good you have to believe in love? 

That is it from today’s post on Top 6 Kdrama Couples That Make You Believe in Love Again. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. 

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