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Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 6 Korean Actress That NEVER Play The SAME ROLES. Women of K-drama never cease to give us pleasant surprises. From immaculate beauty, charismatic charm, to multifaceted images on the screen - they deliver it all. 

So, for you to let yourself indulge in the irresistible charm of multi-talented actresses, here’s an entire list of them! Now let's get started!

1. Kim Ji Won. 

To kick-start the list, let’s have a look at the beautiful and talented Kim Ji Won. While her most famous role is as the badass Lieutenant Yoon Myung Ju from Descendants of the Sun, Kim Ji Won’s image had actually got way more diversity than just that. 

If you can’t get your eyes off Ji Won’s enchanting and fairy-like beauty then her appearance as Tan Ya in Arthdal Chronicles will not disappoint you. This character is nothing short of elegance and fairness, adorning a floral headband and delicacy in the way she moves. 

Yet, behind her whimsical facade is a strong and capable leader warrior who has tricks up her sleeves - making Tan Ya a character with depth. 

Taking a one-eighty turn, Ji Won in Fight for my way shows us what it means to have a good laugh. Her dorky and childish behaviors and the mischief she pulls on friends makes us question her maturity. 

However, Kim Ji Won once again pulls off duality when the wacky Choi Ae Ra turns out to be resilient, strong, and persistent in her ways towards her dream, despite her poor circumstances. 

It seems so far that Ji Won sticks to the heroic woman kind of image, but did you know that one of her groundbreaker roles was when she played a great villain? 

Winding way back to 2014, and you may have noticed the actress as the haughty heiress Rachel Yoo in ‘The Heirs’, where she was mean, ready to bully the damsel in distress, all the while looking all chic. 

In her latest drama ‘Lovestruck in the City’, Ji Won had also shown us her expression-filled acting. She drove us to tears as she left Ji Chang Wook’s heart broken through her desperate lies - and yet, made us empathize with her all the same. Let’s hold out even more hope for Ji Won’s future projects.

2. Seo Ye Ji.

A late bloomer that got popular much later than what she deserved, this actress had an extensive portfolio with no similar roles! Seo Ye Ji’s most popular character had to be Ko Moon Young from It’s Okay not to be Okay, who’s an antisocial children’s book author, who fits neatly in the “crazy woman” troupe. 

She has a cold and apathetic exterior which draws bad publicity, yet this is only to cover a troubled soul. She’s to the point with flirting, making our male protagonist constantly flustered, and yet her antics are so while we had to laugh. Like, who wouldn’t want to listen to Ye Ji cuss at a deer out of desperation? 

Compared to Moon Young who looks at people like they are specks of dust, Ye Ji’s role in Lawless Lawyer is way more justice-filled. Here, Ye Ji’s hot-blooded, cynical, and willing to use brawn over brain, leading to her lawyer license being revoked. 

But strong women aren’t the only forte the actress had. Her role in the thriller series ‘Save Me’ had shown her as a victim unable to strike back. Through her eyes alone, the actress had managed to deliver desperation, helplessness, and pleading all the same. 

Finally, Seo Ye Ji also did not hesitate to come out all villainy. In her first ever drama success, Diary of a Night Watchman, she turned into Park So Ryeon, a noble woman with an innocent face yet not so much a good heart. She also leans on the antagonist side in Hwarang, once again as a noble. 

And if that weren’t enough range for you, just remember how she disregarded appearance to make us laugh in Potato Star. At this point, her middle name might as well be Variety. 

3. Shin Hye Sun.

Compared to other actresses on the list, Shin Hye Sun began her career much later. And yet, her portfolio had been extensive, with the actress switching up her image every time. 

In My Golden Life, Shin Hye Sun transformed into Seo Ji An, a poor woman that by chance, had quite the step up in the social ladder. She faced irony, struggled through life, and through her, we got meaningful lessons as well as great long laughs - making this a simple yet memorable role. 

In contrast, Angel’s last mission: Love, was where the actress took on quite the challenge. Here, she played the talented ballerina Lee Yeon Seo, who lost everything when a devastating accident left her blind. 

From a bitter and abusive character filled with distrust, she learned to believe in love, and overcome her circumstances - delivering quite the character depth. 

And to switch things up even further, the actress even played a man-inside-a-woman’s body in Mr. Queen - where she had to portray all the manly actions with a forced femine grace. She had also been the villain of the Vietnamese-Korean series ‘Forever Young’ - showing how it’s not always about being the main character. 

And while all the aforementioned roles had been quite romantic, that’s far from being Shin Hye Sun’s only skill. Her characters in the highly-acclaimed ‘Stranger’ and the legal film Innocence are strong proofs of that. It seems that Shin Hye Sun is only going to go further from now. And, we just love that for her! 

4. Kang Hanna.

Kang Hanna’s role as Won In Jae from Start Up had been sort of villain-turned-good - with all sorts of complexities and good character development. But this bad guy isn’t the only time Kang Hanna were somewhat mean. 

In fact, she had been full villainous as Princess Hwangbo Yeon Hwa from Moon Lovers, which was also the role that shot her to stardom. In this time travelling drama, Yeon Hwa first draws viewers in with her stunning and youthful beauty. 

Cunning and brutal are her middle name and she will not stop or hesitate to deal a blow to anyone who gets in her way. 

But Kang Hanna was not all about villains. In Designated Survivor: 60 Days, she leans towards the good side, all rushed and ready for justice, and despite her limited screen time, has managed to showcase her convincing acting abilities. 

Want something less heavy? Then, perhaps check out the actress’ more light-hearted role in My Roommate is a Gumiho, where she transforms into a 700-year-old gumiho turned human Hye Sun. She’s all chic and aloof, and looks unapproachable and out-of-league at first sight - but is anything but those. 

In fact, she’s naive, goofy, loyal, and may have messed up so seriously that she accidentally stumbled into a relationship. Cute Hanna for the win! 

Finally, to seal the deal, Kang Hanna had got her first female lead role in Bite Sister last year, and this time, she’s a sexy vampire whose beauty might just be too lethal to our hearts! From cunning to naive, from evil to pure - the actress had got it all! 

5. Kim So Yeon.

Now, who haven’t heard of Kim So Yeon? Old Kdrama fans have seen her for ages, and newer ones must have spotted her in the widely popular Penthouse - where she was the villainous, sly, and terrible Cheon Seo Jin that we love to hate. 

Yet, while the Penthouse trilogy won her the Best Actress Award, it is by no means the actress’s most impressive role. 

Cheo Seo Jin’s first ever antagonist character goes way back in 2000 - where she played Heo Young Mi of ‘All About Eve’. Here, poverty made her arrogant and resentful towards others, taking all means necessary to achieve what she wants and willing to ruin people’s lives. 

Being all villainous isn’t the sole image this actress has got though, as her role in IRIS takes a complete one-eighty turn. 

She joined the cast as Kim Sun Hwa, a capable, mysterious, and dangerous agent of North Korea. Once she sets her aim on the target, she will hardly let it loose, leaving us with eyegasm action sequences. This character also hold an unwavering loyalty to anyone she loves, making her someone you just want on your side. 

Now, to lighten up, let’s look towards Kim So Yeon’s lighter roles. All About Romance has the actress play a 30-something marketing director, disenchanted by a failed relationship. 

She was all tough and irritable at first sight, but once the armor cracks, we are getting to see the actress being meltingly soft as well as a super sweet romance. Black or white? You just wouldn’t have to pick because Kim So Yeon nailed everything. 

6. Park Eun Bin.

Finally, we are reaching the end of the list, and who else to mention but the highly-seasoned Park Eun Bin? Despite being only 29, she has got 23 years of acting up her sleeves - and quite the impressive portfolio at that. 

From historical, family, legal, to horror-thriller - the actress has got it all - nailing her expressions way from her child actress days. 

In her latest series The King’s Affection, she plays as a disclaimed princess who had to replace her twin brother after he died. Despite her small figure - the actress had been pretty convincing as a man - all cold and stoic to hide her true feelings. 

While Eun Bin is more known for roles in romance and comedies in series such as ‘Hello My Twenties’, ‘Father, I will take care of you’, and ‘Do You Like Brahms’, she had also branched to other genres, and got remarkable successes. 

In The Ghost Detective, she’s a strong and determined assistant manager who tries to solve cases, unafraid of future dangers. In Judge vs Judge - she’s a fiery judge with quite the foul mouth. And of course, who can forget Hot Stove League - where Park Eun Bin is all about resilience and passion. 

Are you impressed by these talented actresses? Do you have any favorites of your own that we should add to the list? 

That is it from today’s post on Top 6 Korean Actress That NEVER Play The SAME ROLES. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. 

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