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Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of  Top 10 Richest Superheroes Ever. Money isn't a super power, but sometimes it kinda feels that way. Especially when in the super hero world, a little bit of cash can go a long way in purchasing all the tech you need to make your job easier. Or in bribing people you just don't want to deal with. Which is sometimes even easier. 

Now it is a little hard to figure out exactly what each character's net worth is and who tops who, but it is easy to separate the well to do from the not. Alright, let’s get this top list started.

10. Mr. Fantastic. 

We kick off our list with a nice wholesome dad who also has a nice wholesome bank account. Reed Richards inherited his father's scientific fortune, and used his own mind to turn that small fortune into a much larger one of several hundred millions. With this money he bought out the Baxter building and funding the group's high tech endeavors and research. 

However, his money fluctuates quite a bit and he has had to receive donations, very notably from Sue Storm herself. Hard to put a number on his net worth, but when the fantastic 4 are doing well, so is he. 

9. Green Arrow. 

Oliver Queen took over the multi billion dollar family business, Queen Industries, and with that came a pretty penny to fund his playboy lifestyle. Not bad for having your parents die a tragic death. Queen industries was involved in the trade of weapons and ammunition, but Ollie eventually felt bad making money off this and became a philanthropist. 

Then in the late 60s he was written as losting his fortune, instead becoming an advocate for the underprivileged of the streets. So he may have lost his money, but he was still rich. 

8. Archangel. 

Warren Worthington the third is another lady killer character with potentially a couple billions behind him. This is due to his stocks in the family Worthington Industries, which has been remarkably stable and profitable. 

With his finances he is quite generous actually, he funded the x-men to continue operating when their mansion was stripped by the government and he even founded the charity Mutants Sans frontiers, which is basically doctors without borders but for mutants. Who says being rich makes you a snob? 

7. Professor X. 

Like many heroes on this list, Charles Xavier's fortunes were inherited from his parents. His dad was a nuclear scientist who purchased a huge mansion, the one Charles inherited along with a few billions in cash. 

He used his riches to open up his own school for mutants, and it is revealed that he could have more than 3.5 billion in the bank when Fantomex tries to extort him for this walloping amount. And when he runs out, there's always Archangel to help foot the bill! 

6. Bruce Wayne. 

It is a well known fact that Bruce, the inheritor of the multifaceted Wayne Enterprises, is sitting pretty comfortably in the Wayne manor on a pile of cash. This is pretty important for him, seeing as his super power is basically being rich enough to afford whatever gadget he may need to fight crime. It's estimated he could have about 9 to 12 billion dollars in his bank account at the time being. 

Despite the obvious fact that he spends a crapload of this on his toys, he also does make philanthropic efforts through the Wayne Foundation. 

5. Tony Stark. 

Yet another businessman, Tony Stark became the owner of weapons and tech manufacturer Stark industries after his parents tragic deaths. What's with comics making parent death so lucrative?? He is responsible for funding his team of avengers and also for spending a lot on the side to fund yet another party guy lifestyle. Having an approximated 20 to 50 billion helps with that. 

It is estimated that Stark industries doesn't pull in as much as the Waynes, but because it appears Bruce Wayne spends more than tony, he comes out ahead in this list. 

4. Black Bolt. 

Somebody who people tend to forget is loaded. Or could be loaded, if his assets weren't crystallized, literally. Though the money may not be in black Bolt's pockets, it can be guessed that he is worth about 250 billion in terrigen crystals, which are sought after for their transformative properties. 

Not just that, but the lord of Attilan also has shares in the Himalayas and the moon as part of his assets, both places playing home to the inhumans at one time or another. 

3. Aquaman. 

Who's laughing at the super friend now? As king of the Atlantis, his job comes with some perks. One of which, with being ruler of 70% of the earth, is that the treasures of the sea technically belong to him. He's proven to have about 60 billion dollars worth of gold stashed away for a rainy day, though I guess everyday is a rainy one under the sea. 

The treasures all come from shipwrecks, and while some may brave the waters to find the spoils, it's safe to say he's got his funds in a pretty robbery-proof store to be honest. 

2. Namor. 

If we have Aquaman on this list, we gotta have his Marvel counterpart. Similar to Aquaman, the prince of Atlantis technically has claim to over half the world's resources, racking up an impressive bill in the hundreds of billions. 

By gathering these treasures he is able to fund his own endeavors, such as Oracle Inc, which he turned to environmental conservation efforts. But he is still a pretty big jerk in the Marvel universe, even when his heart is in the right place, sorta. 

1. Black Panther. 

This guy tops the list out of the whole comic book world. He's so rich he may even have access to more money than exists on earth, with a net worth in the trillions. This is because he's the king of Wakanda, (wu-kahn-da) the only country in the world with vibranium deposits. Which happens to be the most indestructible metal in the fictional world. 

Going for 10 000 a gram, this is the same metal that Captain Americas shield is made of, so it's easy to understand why the stuff is so highly valued. 

So those were the top 10 heroes with the deepest pockets. What you would do if one of these heroes gave you a million bucks?

That is it from today’s post on Top 10 Richest Superheroes Ever. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. 

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