Top 10 Badass Women in Video Games


Top 10 Badass Women in Video Games

Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Badass Women in Video Games. You know, there was a period in time that there weren’t a ton of badass women in gaming. 

Today, we’ve got decades worth of awesome games featuring strong women of all types, and in this article, we’re going to count down the top 10 badass women in video games! Alright, let’s get this top list started.

10. Chun-Li - Street Fighter Series.

“Spinning bird kick!” Those were the first words that kept reverberating in my head the first time I saw her do a handstand in the middle of a street, immediately followed by a series of upside down kicks that’ll overwhelm any opponent. 

Seeing this ridiculous maneuver made me select her as the very first Street Fighter I’d ever learn - if only to mash the kick button to get her lighting kicks out, earning her a spot at number 10! 

Chun Li is as much of a staple to Street Fighter as Ryu and Ken, so when Chun Li went missing in the first two versions of Street Fighter III, fans got furious! Since then, Chun Li has appeared in every single Street Fighter, continuing her never ending mission to take down the evil Shadaloo empire. 

9. Celes Chere - Final Fantasy VI.

I could’ve chosen any character from any Final Fantasy to be on this list, but I will always go back to Final Fantasy VI and choose Celes Chere as number 9 on my list. Celes is a Magitek Knight from the Gestahlian Empire who was artificially given the ability to use magic, a long lost mystical art in the World of Balance. 

But what separates her from any other woman in Final Fantasy history is her Runic Blade ability, which allows her to absorb any magic attack lobbed at the party, rendering it obsolete. 

Celes also has some of the most memorable scenes in the game, which included an infamous opera scene where I remember having to memorize a set of lines so I could keep the game going. 

Powerful yet misunderstood, Celes is my favorite badass woman in the Final Fantasy series! And if you’ve never played it, I highly recommend checking out the Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster when it’s released! 

8. Impa - The Legend of Zelda Series.

When you sit down and really think about it, without Impa, there wouldn’t be The Legend of Zelda! First appearing in the manual for the original NES game, Impa has been a part of the series from the very beginning. 

While her appearance has seen her evolve over the years, she can always be found protecting the Royal Family of Hyrule and almost always at Princess Zelda’s side. And while she’s not known to be playable in most Zelda games, I still think she deserves to be number 8 on this list! 

Also, did you know that Impa is actually a family name? I didn’t know that until I did my research for this article! Oh, and her Hyrule Warriors appearance is badass! 

7. Jill Valentine - Resident Evil Series.

Whenever you’re Jill Valentine, it always feels like you always have to be on high alert. She has to deal with a ton of stuff, from zombies, zombie dogs and missiles, to interdimensional fighters. She just can’t get a break.

But despite losing a bunch of her fellow STARS members at Spencer Mansion or trying to escape an infested Raccoon City, she’s always pushing through no matter what with whatever she’s got on hand. Even if there’s a hulking Nemesis chasing after her! 

Jill felt the strongest to me out of the entirety of STARS because of these reasons, and why she’s number 7 on my list. She’s also relentless in a very different way than most other women in video games, and she’s both inspiring and badass all at the same time! 

6. Shepard - Mass Effect Trilogy.

We’re off to one dark adventure into the deep blackness of space, as we head into the future and meet up with Commander Shepard and the Normandy, earning her a spot at number 6! 

While it is true that you’ve got a choice of Male Shep or Fem Shep, in my mind and heart, the Mass Effect trilogy was all about Fem Shep. Voiced by the ever talented Jennifer Hale, I felt a strong kinship with Shepard as we explored the galaxy. 

I played her as an oddly self-contrarian by-the-books renegade who wants to get the mission done by all means necessary, only to have her ideals torn to pieces once the revelation of the Reapers came to light. 

And outside of missions, Shepard can be kind and compassionate, someone who you can easily confide in. Best of all, Shepard can be any way you want, and her strength and demeanor is only matched by you! 

5. 2B - Nier: Automata.

Sorry Bayonetta! This would’ve been your spot, had I actually spent more time with the sequel! And yet, I felt it appropriate that another Platinum heroine was on this list. And she’s more than that, of course, thanks to her maker, Yoko Taro, and her designer, Akihiko Yoshida! 

2B is iconic, and easily belongs in my top 5 at the 5th spot! 2B’s gothic lolita outfit, coupled with her silky smooth animations made her a character you’d want to play. 

Even now, as I look at old footage of me playing NieR Automata, I feel the urge to go back and see if I could make a better build for her and experience the sorrow that the game’s story unfolds ever so gently. 

I’ve said before that Yoko Taro is very mindful of our experience in his games, resetting us in a neutral state that is neither happy nor melancholic, and 2B’s presence helped immensely during those times we needed to do so. 

4. Aloy - Horizon Series.

With Horizon: Forbidden West coming out soon, it reminded me of how much fun I had while playing as Aloy in Horizon: Zero Dawn, earning her a spot at number 4. I credit her as the reason why I got really curious about the Monster Hunter series, leading me to pick up Monster Hunter World when it first came out! 

I’ve been meaning to replay the original game on my PS5 for a while now, and just talking about her makes me want to install it with all the enhancements on said platform! 

Her weapons, traps, and tools makes her such a versatile fighter that it was incredible just to see her in motion! And that’s not even talking about her ancestry, either! She’s quick, agile, and tenacious, and I can’t wait to pick up her bow and explore a whole new world in the Forbidden West! 

3. Queen - Persona 5.

I’ve always had a love for brawlers in JRPGs that span as far back as the Monk in Final Fantasy I, so when Queen rode onto the screen on her Persona and clenched her brass knuckles, I immediately fell in love, earning her a spot at number 3! 

Many of us remember how ineffective Makoto Nijima was at surveilling the Phantom Thieves’ operations early on in Persona 5, but she won our hearts thanks to her vulnerability and her ability to become a stalwart tactician amongst her peers. 

Whether you need a powerful brawler or a smart second opinion, Queen stands out amongst the crowd of badass women! 

2. Samus Aran - Metroid Series.

When the original Metroid came out, no one knew that this famous bounty hunter was a woman. That is, until you finish the game and you see her emerge from her suit! 

Before Lara Croft was even a worldwide phenomenon, Samus Aran was out there exploring new worlds and defeating space pirates at every given opportunity, earning her a spot at number 2! 

Her acrobatic abilities and the way she can just roll into a ball are just simply iconic, and her games helped define an entire genre that’s still popular to this day. 

But more than that, Samus has continuously evolved over the years, even going so far as to allow players to wear her suit, beckoning us to bear witness terrifying horrors as she explored the galaxy in first person. 

I can definitively say that Samus Aran not only deserves to be high on this list, but also ranks high as one of the top Nintendo characters of all time! 

1. The Boss - Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

Anyone who has played Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater knows the reason why The Boss is number one and at the top of my list. She is the progenitor of everything that’s happened in the series, as well as the person which all other operatives strived to be. 

That beginning scene where she kicks the crap out of Snake after riding in with a black cape on a horse is such a powerful scene that it’s etched into my memory as one of the best introductions of a character in games. 

Even now, I still remember the dedication that the cast gave her towards the end, as she embodied everything that a true Patriot would be. Today, everyone has seen the meme of Snake crying while saluting, but the woman who made him feel that way was none other than The Boss herself. 

That is it from today’s post on Top 10 Badass Women in Video Games. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. 

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