Top 10 Memorable CONFESSION SCENE in Kdramas


Top 10 Memorable CONFESSION SCENE in Kdramas

Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a Top 10 Memorable CONFESSION SCENE in Kdramas. K-dramas have always done a great job at rekindling our faith in true love. And what make them so successful are no other than the lethal confession scenes. 

From a simple "I love you" to all-out romantic gestures, K-drama has so many love confessions that can make viewers hold their breath, cringe or laugh. Be beware though, because there are spoilers ahead. Alright, let’s get this top list started.

10. Descendants of the Sun.

When they say that love gets stronger when you are in danger, ‘Descendants of the Sun’ sure takes it literally. Yes, there are many memorable moments within this famous series, but today, we are talking about the time female lead Kang Mo Yeon accidentally poured out all her heart to an entire camp. 

In particular, Mo Yeon wanted to play music and connected her phone to the camp’s speakers.. only for it to boast out a recording of her love confession when she was hanging over a cliff. In the message she admits that the male lead Yoo Si Jin is amazing, that she liked his kiss, and that she cares for him. 

Considering that our female doctor likes to play hard to get, it was hilarious to see the entire camp listen to her mind. Rushing to the camp in embarrassment may not be her most glorious moment, but it’s worth it, right? 

9. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

Unlike the two confessions above, Min Min's confession to Do Bong Soon is extremely definitive, straightforward and sincere. When Min Min finally comes to terms with the feelings he has for Do Bong Soon, he wastes no time confessing his love for her. 

Starting by saying his heart is in pain, then making Bong Soon feel his own heartbeat, such a romantic gesture and intense gaze was enough to give any girl butterflies. Definitely a confession scene that will never be forgotten! 

8. Healer.

Healer is well-known for the eye-cover kiss between Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young But we also can’t ignore their heart-fluttering confession scene when our favorite couple was together in the attic. 

In this ‘Healer’ series, Ji Chang Wook basically plays a decorated errand boy who will complete any task in exchange for money, as long as he does not have to kill. His life? Secluded with little to no connection, and yet perfectly content - at least until he meets the love of his life. 

Filled with this unfamiliar feeling, our ‘Healer’, in the guise of Park Bong Soo, was ready to forgo all of his past. “What about me? Instead of somebody that never shows, what about me?”, he asked, only to be brushed off. “I could live the way you wanted me to. As long as I could, being very careful, be next to you like this.”

And yet the girl he loved already had eyes for somebody else- his other persona. While a failed confession, it was still a moment where both our leads got to know each other’s feelings, and no less moving. 

7. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo.

The chemistry between the main couple of Kim Bok Joo was sky-rocket high, so it came as no surprise to learn that the two actors were dating at the time. And knowing such facts, the confession scene hits all the harder. 

In this particular sequence of events, the male lead Jung Joon Hyun finally admits that he likes his childhood friend Bok Joo. That she was his first love, and that she can mock-date him for a month before deciding on how she feels. 

On the set deadline, they went on a date, where Joon Hyun tries to fill up his crush’s bucket list - fulfilling her wish to visit a theme park and to share a drink with another person. 

Perhaps moved and perhaps emotional, this time, it’s Bok Joo that take the lead, pour out her heart, and seal the deal with a beautiful kiss amid the first snowfall. 

6. Goblin.

The first “I love you” uttered in this series is hardly emotional or heartfelt, but it is still endearing, because as Ji Eun Tak’s adorable charm and smile fill the screen, we (and the goblin) could not help but be moved. 

And yet, it is not this confession scene that makes the list, but rather another that appears much later, when Eun Tak has become more confident, and definitely unafraid to pull in on a kiss. Not convinced? Goblin has even more heart-fluttering scenes that you can find out for yourself ;) 

5. Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.

What's a confession list without the mention of the sweet Park Bo Gum? His confession to Hong Ra On as the Crown Prince Lee Young is so sweet your teeth risk falling off. 

Mistakenly thinking that his love interest was a male officer, Lee Young was deeply saddened by his feelings - those he assumed to be forbidden at the time. And yet, he wants these his heart-felt words acknowledged, and decided to write a love letter to let Ra On know. 

But fate has other plans, and the moment he arrived at his love’s quarter, he discovered that she was a girl all along. Crumbling the letter in one fist, our crown prince was determined to pour all his heart and have his love returned. And thus, we have this heartfelt confession, accompanied by of course, a long-awaited kiss. 

4. What’s wrong with Secretary Kim? 

Now, when we talk about this super popular series, we’d think about the hilarious yet dramatic love between the vice president Lee Young Joon and his secretary Kim Mi So. 

But that’s not all to the drama, because how can we forget about the hilarious romance between section head Bong Sera and clumsy secretary Yang Cheol. After much hints being dropped and love in the air, finally, secretary Yang Cheol won over his love interest with a gesture super childish and yet in style. 

In particular, he handed Bong Sera a bottle of coke and asked her to drink it up by herself. And there you go, after every sip, what he wanted to say started to come to light: “Ms. Bong. You are extremely cute. Can we date?”

3. Coffee Prince.

Of course, we can’t talk about K-drama confessions without talking about Coffee Prince. Why? Because the series is just that iconic. 

Adopting the cross-dressing trope, our female lead Eun Chan is transformed into a guy, and as a result, the male lead Han Gyul suffered from a severe case of gay-panic. Loving the same-sex was quite scandalous in 2007 - the year this series was screened. 

And yet, love overcomes all boundaries, and as long as your heart skips a beat, who cares if your love interest is the same gender, right? And that’s exactly what Han Gyul did, confessing with an iconic line. “Just this once… I like you. Whether you’re a man or an alien, I don’t care anymore.” 

Needless to say, the line went viral, and the “man or alien” confession made headlines all over the net. Of course, the high can also be credited to the risque kiss that follows. 

2. Cheese in the Trap. 

Now, similar to the events that transpired in ‘Reply 1988’, our confession scene this time is between the female lead and a very much heartthrob second male lead. Acting all harsh but is an inner softie - Baek In Ho was willing to ignore his pain as long as his love was comfortable. 

Since the female lead Hong Seol was avoiding him, awkward for not returning his feeling, he swallowed his pride and asked her not to care. "It's true I like you. But, it's not like I'm going to do something about it. I'll take care of my emotions. Don't try to avoid me unnecessarily. 

In Ho then patted Hong Seol on the head and gave her some kimchi, never forgetting to remind her to fill her stomach. Like, who can hold back tears watching this? 

1. Reply 1988.

And finally, let’s end our list with a classic: Reply 1988 is another drama that is filled with fluttering love confessions, from Taek’s surprise kiss to those sweet moments between the Sunwoo - Bora couple. But the confession scene that we are delivering today is one that started from Jung Hwan. 

It was long-awaited, highly-anticipated, because finally, finally, the reserved Jung Hwan is letting his heart be known! And damn did that confession deliver. 

It took years of courage for Jung Hwan to reveal his feelings to Deok Sun. Genuine, sweet, and true to his character. “I like you. I said, I like you. Hey, do you know the things I did because of you?”

These memorable confessions went from hilarious, cute, to downright heartbreaking? Do you have any other favorites? 

That is it from today’s post on Top 10 Memorable CONFESSION SCENE in Kdramas. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. 

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