Top 10 Superheroes Who Should Replace The Originals


Top 10 Superheroes Who Should Replace The Originals

Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of  Top 10 Superheroes Who Should Replace The Originals. I want it to be clear that I am no way suggesting that these characters are superior to the originals, or that their role as a replacement should in any way diminish the hero they’re replacing. 

I am only suggesting, that based on how these characters have been presented, they would be an appropriate fit for the role of that hero, and have demonstrated the skills necessary to fill it. Alright, let’s get this top list started.

10. Scott Lang as Ant- Man.

Despite technically being the second hero to wear the Ant-Man costume, Scott Lang is perhaps the most beloved. Although some of that might stem from the original Ant-Man Hank Pym being kind of awful. There’s something about slapping your wife that just doesn’t scream endearing. Doesn’t help the Third Ant-Man is kind of a pervert too. Yeesh, what’s with this character? 

Thankfully, Scott Lang is a lot more likeable, and justifiably so. He even was the chosen Ant-Man to appear in the Marvel Cinematic universe, which says enough about him! Especially since you can cast Paul Rudd in anything and he’ll be instantly lovable, so they have that in common. 

And given every criminal act he does is for the sake of his daughter, it’s hard not to relate to Scott. So, for all that and more, Scott Lang is my Ant-Man of choice. 

9. Dream of the Endless (Sandman).

Admittedly, this version of The Sandman is not a conventional superhero, but Neil Gaiman’s run of the character is well regarded as one of the essential comics that everybody MUST read. The Sandman is a dark fantasy story centering around “The Sandman” who also goes by the names Morpheus, Oneiros, and many, many others. After being taken prisoner for 70 years, he escapes and exacts vengeance upon his captors. 

Combining aspects of horror and fantasy, we see Morpheus travel between his kingdom, the Dreaming, and the waking world, the world humankind inhabits. And while the comic does take place in the DC universe, very few appearances are made by other DC characters. Instead, characters from Shakespeare’s work A Midsummer Night’s dream, and characters from the Bible appear prominently part of this universe. 

Incidentally, the series Lucifer, whose titular character had a brief crossover during CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths event, actually originated from this series. So given he inspired many derivative works, and the series high regard, I’m gonna go ahead and say, that Neil Gaiman’s reimagining of the Sandman, is definitely the best replacement. 

8. Damian Wayne As Robin.

Okay I’m probably gonna get some hate for this one, but I actually like him. Hear me out. Yes, Damian Wayne starts off as a complete annoyance. He’s smug, he’s obnoxious, he’s everything you hate about overconfident kids. But here’s my point, you’re not supposed to like him. He’s SUPPOSED to irritate you. He’s SUPPOSED to make you mad. 

That way when his character develops and grows, you can actually see the journey that his character went on. And I feel that Damian Wayne has done that. Plus, with Stuart Allen’s excellent portrayal of him in the DC Animated Movie Universe, I’d say the character is definitely becoming a lot more fun to see. A good actor can really bring out the best in the worst characters. 

So, while I may not like who he was at the start, I definitely feel he’s more than worth of fighting alongside Batman. So here’s to a skilled, albeit, arrogant, Robin. 

7. Superboy, the Young Justice version. (Supermans too perfect, Superboy is flawed) 

When I think of a great Superman story, it’s in a situation where he isn’t in complete control, when he isn’t the strongest person in the room, and is still trying to understand who or what he is. When he feels alien. This is when Superman Is most relatable. 

And no one feels more alien, than the Young Justice version of Superman’s “Son”, Connor Kent, aka, Superboy. Connor Kent has many of the powers of Superman, with the exception of flight, and has never known the outside world. Unlike Superman, who was born on Krypton, but raised on Earth, Connor was born on Earth, but knows nothing of it. 

We see this version of the character gradually develop his social skills, learn to control his powers, but most importantly, we see his identity struggles with being a clone of superman. We see him make mistakes, lash out, and yes, even some of that teen angst the comic version is famous for. But thankfully, he’s significantly less irritating. 

And given Connor has actually taken up the mantle of Superman while Clark is off world, I can say pretty confidently, that this version of Connor, is a worthy successor. 

6. Barry Allen as The Flash.

Here’s a fun one. Barry Allen was a big transition from the original Flash Jay Garrick, but then Wally West, who’s had several appearances in noteworthy media himself, was also a big transition from Barry Allen. So Flash is going up on our list twice. 

5. Wally West.

Where do I begin. Barry Allen has defined the character of the Flash, between the massive success of the CW series, redefining the character and his costume for generations, and featuring in the iconic event comic Flashpoint, for many, Barry Allen is their Flash. 

And Wally West, he’s appeared as the Flash in both Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, and appears as Kid Flash in both Young Justice and the CW Flash series. Both Barry and Wally, in every adaptation, bring something unique to the character, whether it be their skills, their fun personality, or even just their dynamic with each other. 

And given the sacrifices both have made for the sake of their respective Earth’s, I’d say that’s enough for both Barry Allen and Wally West, to be excellent successors to Jay Garrick. 

4. Kaldur’ahm/Jackson Hyde as Aqualad.

Can you tell I’m a fan of Young Justice yet? Kaldur’ahm recently took up the role of AquaMan, a role he undoubtedly is worthy of, but before that, he was Aqua Lad. A strong-willed, dedicated leader of “The Team”, who throughout the series, demonstrates his willingness to do whatever is necessary for the sake of the mission. 

In the comics, Jackson Hyde has a different origin than Kaldur, but his appearance and role are inspired by him. Hey, kinda like Harley Quinn was taken from the cartoon. I’d say that’s pretty indicative that you’re doing something right. And if Aquaman is willing to hand his title down to you, I’d say you’re definitely worthy of having been his sidekick. Well done Kaldur! 

3. Batman Beyond Terry McGinnis.

Ho, where do I begin? First off, to be able to follow the absolutely landmark series that Batman The Animated Series was, is an achievement on its own, but to take that series into the distant future, where Gotham City is a pseudo-cyberpunk dystopia, and introduce a brand new Batman who is initially at odds with a grumpy, aging, Bruce Wayne, is one heck of a note to open up on. 

The series focuses on our new Batman, Terry McGinnis, a far younger Batman, who much like Peter Parker, struggles to balance his personal life with his life as a hero. And really, that’s all you need to know to make him instantly relatable. Oh and this Batman can fly with rocket boots. Which I mean, that’s pretty cool. Why haven’t they made a new game of this batman yet? 

Ah well. Either way, Bruce Wayne seems to think he can do it, and he’s a hard one to impress. So that’s one more replacement for my list. 

2. X-23 as Wolverine.

Once again, we have a character who's actually already succeeded in taking the role from their predecessor. And really, given her near identical abilities and the success of the movie Logan, did you see it going any differently? X-23 is as her name would suggest, the 23rd attempt to develop a female clone of Wolverine. 

At 7 years old, she's subjected to radiation poisoning to activate her mutant genes, and has adamantium bonded to her claws without any anesthetic. As if that weren't enough, she's also trained to be an assassin that responds to a trigger scent which sends her into a murderous rage. 

So let's see. Top secret weapons program? Check. Wolverines abilities? Check. Human experimentation? Check. RAGE? BIIIG check. Id say she fits the part. Roles all Yours X-23 

1. Miles Morales.

So, we’ve been seeing a lot of this character recently, between 2018’s FANTASTIC Into The Spiderverse, and his playable appearance in the much acclaimed Spider-Man PS4 game, Miles Morales is proving not only can he take up the mantle of Spider-Man, but he can prove just as successful as Peter Parker. 

Originating from the story Ultimate Fallout, a series that covered the the death of Peter Parker, a new Spider-man appears, a young boy named Miles Morales. From the very moment we meet him, we can tell that Miles isn’t quite a hero just yet. He’s new at this. He makes silly social mistakes like wearing Spider-man’s costume shortly after his death, which, yeah, not a smart move. 

But, he tries. And that’s what he has in common with Peter Parker. They don’t always know what to do, but they’re going to do something because the hero job, is about helping people. And so Miles Morales, is unquestionably worthy, of the mantle of Spider-Man. 

That is it from today’s post on Top 10 Superheroes Who Should Replace The Originals. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. 

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