Top 6 Kdrama Villains SO EVIL We Can't Feel Sorry For


Top 6 Kdrama Villains SO EVIL We Can't Feel Sorry For

Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 6 Kdrama Villains SO EVIL We Can't Feel Sorry For. Kdrama villains are critical to many of our favorite series, and we love to hate them and hate to love them all the same. 

In some cases, we may even empathize with the villains - either because of their tragic backstories or their interesting inner demons. Some villains though, are just evil through and through, so watching their downfall is nothing short of satisfactory. 

Today, let’s discuss the evilest out there - with villains so purely bad that we can’t feel sorry for. Alright, let’s get this top list started.

1. Joo Dan Tae - Penthouse.

There are more than one villain in the widely popular series Penthouse, but Joo Dan Tae takes the cake, because he had basically no redeeming qualities. Throughout the dramatic and twisted show circuit, Dan Tae has proven himself to be the reigning "devil" over and over again. 

Most of Penthouse's dark, dirty tricks are orchestrated by his very hand, and he even hurts those who are supposed to be his family. He’s violent, cunning, and sly, and never once attempted any action that would salvage such a reputation. 

Overall, Joo Dan Tae is a sadistic, power-hungry, greedy and manipulative person. He lies, schemes, separates lovers and families, emotionally and physically abuses his children and wife, is willing to kill in order to save himself, has no remorse, and would rather want everyone suffer before his pride is put down. 

There is not a sympathetic bone in his body, he does not know about love and finds joy in having power over everyone. Compared to other “evil” characters who at least have some heart, a villain like Joo Dan Tae is just the worst!

2. Jang Han Seok/Jang Joon Woo - Vincenzo.

Sure, Ok Taecyeon (read as Taek Yeon) is super handsome. He’s cute, has a killer smiler, and hilarious from time to time. But his character in Vincenzo is just a pure psychopath with little redeeming qualities outside of his looks. 

At first appearance - he’s just the cute geeky intern - making us say “aw” as he circles around our strong female lead. Then, he made a one-eighty as his true identity were revealed - the cruel, harsh president of Babel Group - who doesn’t blink an eye as he smashes somebody’s head into a bloody pulp. 

Throughout the series: one point has been made clear: Jang Han Seok has no humanity at all. He laughs when killing, murdered his own father, and abuses his own younger brother. He find a sick satisfaction in ruining people’s life, and even take his target’s wristwatch like murder trophies. 

Han Seok’s tiny piece of affection for lawyer Hong Cha Young was the only thing remotely human about him. But he even admitted himself: his monster part is the one winning. 

At times, Han Seok got so violent that we had to watch with an eye closed. Even his perfect looks can't make us feel sorry for such an evil being. I won’t blame people if they have the hots for him though.

3. Chairman Jang/Jang Dae Hee - Itaewon Class. 

While not necessarily resorting to murder, Chairman Jang of Itaewon Class is a villain we despise all the same. As a middle-aged man who had extensive experience on the marketplace, his business would have gone on fine without harming our male lead - and yet he persisted over one singly past incident. 

He covered up the crimes of his son, trained his son into being evil, and squashed our male lead constantly because he did not bow once. He also stole the invention of his very loyal employee, and fired this employee in a heartbeat - having absolutely no morals. 

According to his thought, people lower than him are no more than cattles that he can kill and throw away. He’s obsessed with the idea of being first, and will go all lengths to drag people down should they ever cross his way. 

As ‘Itaewon Class’ approached its end, we almost thought that this villain will at least have some shreds of humanity. 

We thought that for once, he would choose his family over wealth, only for him to throw his son out like trash when the guy proved to be too much trouble. Such a manipulative and selfish guy is just someone you would ever, ever want in your life. 

4. Seo Moon Jo - Strangers From Hell.

Korean heartthrob Lee Dong Wook is famous for his sweet boyfriend material - just watch Goblin or Touch your heart! But his character Seo Moon Jo in Strangers from Hell had proven that we shouldn’t trust fatally handsome guys - because it may get deadly in the literal sense. 

Seriously, this guy is so creepy and eerie, it’s hard not to freak out, even if it’s Lee Dong Wook’s handsome smile that’s gracing us! There’s… nothing to say about Seo Moon Jo except that he’s a complete psychopath. He pitied the endless struggle humans had to go through and felt indifferent to others' pain and despair. 

Appearing as an ordinary person in the strange Eden Inn, Seo Moon Jo turns out to be the most terrifying. He’s a creep that stalks the male lead, murders cats, and makes disturbing art piece with human teeth. 

His creepy comment about eating human meat certainly doesn’t help the creepy image, and even though he said that was a joke… we cannot help but question… is it actually? But the worst thing about this character is that he can’t even be disturbing alone. 

Instead, he tried to make the main character as insane as him - and we cannot help but shudder at his appearance all throughout. 

Actor Lee Dong Wook had done such a superb job in breathing life into his character that in his appearance after the show aired, many viewers still expressed their fear of the aura he brought. 

“Even his pictures look scary to me” . Some comments even suggest that Lee Dong Wook plays the Joker if Korea ever remakes this classic movie. 

5. Cho Cheol Gang - Crash Landing On You.

The next heartless villain that we have to mention is Cho Cheol Gang from the super hit drama Crash Landing On You. As a Lieutenant Commander of the North Korean Armed Forces, he’s the drama’s principal villain. He was the one behind many crimes - all hidden thanks to his political power. 

He kills whoever he wants to kill, and if he wants to harm anyone, that person dies. And it was this same man who ordered the murder of Captain Ri's brother. 

An orphan, he is corrupt and heads a vast criminal operation that stretches across the Korean peninsula, which harbors fugitives such as our second male lead Gu Seung Jun while at the same time turning them over to the highest bidder. 

In his greed for money, Cho Cheol Gang wants to bring down Ri Jeong Hyeok and plot a scheme to prevent the female lead Se Ri from returning home. 

When he learned the truth about Se Ri's South Korean background, the colonel plotted to keep Se Ri in North Korea to turn her into a weakness, harming Jeong Hyeok. Cho Cheol Gang did not give up on any tricks to get rid of Ri Jeong Hyeok. 

Portraying such a terrible man, actor Oh Man Seok received a lot of praise and hatred all the same. We just can’t see his face without some sort of contempt - though, that may as well be a talent. 

It didn’t help that not long after this corrupted character, Oh Man Seok continued to terrify viewers through yet another despicable role. 

6. Hwang Gi Nam - Youth Of May. 

A shitty man through and through - Hwang Gi Nam is just a guy you had to despise. He is violent with his wife, abusive to his son, and treats people like dirt. He’s a pretentious prick that looks all proper and prime, preaching about god while living terribly. 

He’s cold-blooded, ruthless, and consumed by power, and had never once loved his family, including his son Tae Hee. Instead, he used the son as a tool to serve his own interest, ready to discard when it’s no longer of use. 

Even when Tae Hee appeared all bloody and tied, Gi Nam gave no care, even adding to the pain and leaving our male lead to starve. His eyes are cruel and emotionless, and he talked about human’s death like the dirt under his soles. 

Honestly, even though everyone left this man in the end - that ending is too light of a sentence for such a terrible villain and we can’t help but wish that he had been punished more. 

Even the actor Oh Man Seok himself had admitted that he feared the character, and even had to defend himself from the character, saying: "I'm not that bad of a person." 

What about you? How did you feel about all these villains? Do you prefer tragic villains with actual motives or just pure evil ones? 

That is it from today’s post on Top 6 Kdrama Villains SO EVIL We Can't Feel Sorry For. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. 

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