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Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Overpowered DC Superheroes Who Need To Be Stopped. There are so many overpowered superheroes out there and in our opinion they need to be stopped. Which super you think is way too strong for the MCU and you'll want to stay all the way until the end because you wont believe who our number one pick is. Alright, let’s get this top list started.

10. The Flash.

Lets get this out of the way straight off the top, the entire Justice League, minus Batman is way too overpowered and they need to be stopped. Having the flash on your team is the shining example of what an overpowered hero looks like. He can run faster than the speed of light and as a result is known as the fastest man alive. This simple overpowered ability is the focus because it allows for The Flash to do ridiculous things. 

He can run through walls, run up buildings and even throw a punch at a super speed. Although its not his combat that should be troubling for us normies. Its the fact that he can move so fast that he can travel through time. We all know that time travel in any sense has never turned out to have all positive results, the negative effects have been felt after the flash doing this in the comic books and I'm sure we wouldn't want that to be our reality. 

9. Green Lantern.

Much like the Hulk, Hal Jordan actually becomes stronger from fighting with his enemies. Typically the green ring will drain its users willpower, but Hal seems unaffected by this. Even if he's becoming overwhelmed by an opponent he can easily defeat them with surges of his undefeatable will. On top of all that the green ring allows him to create anything from his thoughts into actual physical objects. 

For the most part the Green lanterns power is reserved for defending the universe, but even so its far too much power for a human like Hal to take on. Thankfully if things did go sideways and we really wanted to stop him all it would take is the color yellow. We know it sounds crazy but that is actually the Green Lanterns weakness, so make sure you keep a stockpile of bananas. 

8. Superman.

Arguably one of the strongest characters in the DC world, Superman is beyond prepared with host of superpowers to prepare him for any given situation. Superman is often held as the pinnacle of justice and moral superiority which is perhaps one of his more annoying super powers. Although the more threatening side to him that should be stopped is his ability to live forever and fire friggin laser beams from his eyes. 

Again all of these overpowered abilities are in regards to these heroes operating on Earth. The comic books have played with this idea before for example the time that Superman just decided to take over the entire Earth and establish a dictatorship. Hope you have your kryptonite ready because were going to stop Superman together. 

7. Supergirl. 

Whos more overpowered than Superman you ask? Well how about his cousin Kara Zor-El. Due to Kara also being a child of Krypton she maintains all of the same powers and abilities as Superman making them physical equals. However even so its been argued that the last daughter of Krypton may be a little bit stronger than her cousin. 

Several times the two of them have teamed up against villains and repeatedly they have commented on her greater strength. Although they could have been trying to mess with Superman's brain, but if you look into her strengths they may be right on the mark with that one. Supergirl needs to be stopped because the last thing we would want is a family of Supers from Krypton showing off on Earth. 

6. Shazam.

Look just because this overpowered superheroes name sounds like something a magician would say before pulling a rabbit out of a hat doesn't mean we shouldn't take him seriously. Each letter in his name stands for a different greek mythological entity and those being Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury. Want to get really scared of this superhero? 

He is so powerful that he was able to be ripped apart by the vacuum of space and then completely bring himself back together. On top of being able to transform from the body of a child into a superhero just by saying the word shazam he also practices magic. I mean with a name like that how could he not right. Well in terms of DC comics, those who are proficient in magic often gain significant advantages over all other powers. 

5. Martian Manhunter.

First off anyone who introduces themselves as a Martian Manhunter needs to be stopped. How has this odd alien mixture of Batman and Superman been allowed to roam free. Martian Manhunter is so ridiculously overpowered that he has even been nicknamed the Swiss Army Knife Superhero. His powers are evenly matched with Superman, but with some extra abilities sprinkled in. 

Along with heat vision the manhunter can also see in different spectrums which means even if someone was using invisibility he could spot them. Now if you think that's too much power lets not forget he can also read minds, shape-shift and access telekinesis. To top it all off as to why this overpowered DC superhero needs to be stopped the only evidence required is that Superman himself has said Manhunter is the only Justice League member he fears. Thankfully there's only one of him left. 

4. Captain Atom.

Also known as Nathaniel Adam, he was a United States Air Force officer during the Vietnam War. After being framed for a crime he did not commit, Nathaniel was sentenced to death, but was first invited to take part in a military experiment. The experiment was sure to kill him, but if he were somehow able to survive he would receive a presidential pardon. 

After surviving the experiment of putting him in an alien spacecraft and setting off a nuclear bomb under it with Adam inside the metal fused with his body and launched him 20 years into the future. Now with his atomic powers he can control the quantum field, absorb cosmic energy and do everything a superhero can do in regards to invulnerability, super speed and flight. 

Although listen to this statement from Captain Atom and it will be all the evidence you need for why he needs to be stopped. He says - My name is Captain Atom. As in A-bomb, as in nuclear fission, as in, the destruction of the world. 

3. Doctor Manhattan.

After appearing in the Watchmen and the recent events of DC Rebirth, the once nuclear physicist named Dr. Jonathan Osterman became a member of the DC Universe. Although its his God-like identity of Doctor Manhattan that we should be fearful of. A terrible accident in an intrinsic field subtractor had completely transformed him into the blue anti-hero that we must now stop. 

The Doctor is impervious to all assaults, can manipulate all atomic and subatomic particles and does not need food or water to stay alive. The reason we should be suspicious of this overpowered hero is that his actions make it difficult to classify whether or not he's good or evil. 

2. Phantom Stranger.

This overpowered superhero is a mysterious mystic who has walked the Earth for centuries. Although he has only appeared a few times in the comic books when he did show up you knew that something big was going to happen. The Phantom Stranger has a ridiculous amount of superpowers that seems to never end with his magical abilities really knowing no bounds. 

Aside from being immortal, he can generate energy bolts, teleport and even stop other magic in its tracks. His real name is Judas and after having a big hand in killing the son of God he was, for whatever reason, gifted with all of these abilities. With all of those powers though, Judas is unable to directly interfere with a crisis and is implored to only guide heroes. God forbid one day he attempts to overrule this stipulation, we would be in for a world of hurt. 

1. Spectre.

Before becoming this overpowered hero the spectre was Jim Corrigan, a Gotham City Police detective. When his fiancee Gwen was kidnapped the Phantom Stranger guided him to where she was being held. Unfortunately for Jim it was a trap and soon his soul would be imbued with divine powers dubbing him The Spectre. 

Spectre is another one of those heroes that have near-unlimited powers and on top of that is a supernatural being tied to a human host on a mission to strike fear in villains around the world. He literally has shown how destructive these powers can be when we saw him completely obliterate an entire universe in the blink of an eye. Now ask yourself, is this the kind of power that a human should have? Yeah we don't think so either. 

That is it from today’s post on Top 10 Overpowered DC Superheroes Who Need To Be Stopped. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. 

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