Top 10 Scariest Supernatural Marvel Characters


Top 10 Scariest Supernatural Marvel Characters

Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Scariest Supernatural Marvel Characters. It's time to talk about Supernatural comic characters. Ghosts, Vamps and Goblins oh my. There's a lot going on in the Marvel universe creatures both good and bad a whole universe nay multiverse to explore, and while we're at it why not get a little creepy. So let’s get started.

10. Morbius.

Michael Morbius or Morbius the living vampire first appeared in the amazing spider man 101 back in 1971. He was a nobel prize winning scientist who suffered from a blood disease and was experimenting to find a cure using vampire bats because of course he was. Side effects of this turned him into a mutate with characteristics quite similar to those of a vampire. 

Especially in the appearance department he was depicted with stark white skin, huge red eyes and large fangs. He actually appeared right after the comics code authority lifted the ban on vampires and other supernatural creatures. Yes there was a creature ban. He's so low not because these days few people find vampires scary but because he always tended towards the sympathetic anti hero side. 

Looking for a cure for his ailment, and driven by desperation about his deteriorating health. Ultimately he goes the anti hero route and that greatly lowers the fear factor. 

9. Dormammu.

This character first appeared in Strange Tales #126 back in 1964. Most will remember this character as a prominent antagonist for Doctor Strange. He is the lord of the realm of darkness, and is particularly intimidating not just cause of his design but also because he can wreck havoc from beyond his dimension with messengers and minions set to do his bidding. 

Dormammu is a mystical entity comprised of mystic energy whom Strange fears however he loses some major fear points for something that happened in the early days. He loses a martial arts battle to Mordo a battle that he set up and in the process for a time can no longer enter the Earth realm. 

The thing with Dormammu is despite all that power he can be surprisingly easy to manipulate or bargain with. The ending of Doctor Strange in 2016 was pretty accurate. 

8. Nightmare.

Nightmare first appears in strange tales #110 in 1963. He rules the dream dimension with an iron fist. Think an evil dream of the endless or rather think of dream of the endless as a good Nightmare. He tortures humans while they sleep poisoning their dreams. Despite this Nightmare is a demon who actually needs humans to survive for if they stop dreaming he stops existing. 

Fighting nightmare is usually about keeping the world in balance and maintaining the sanity of humanity. Although sometimes you deal in other realm dynamics. It's a scary concept all Freddy Kreuger and what not but it can be difficult to implement in fresh and dynamic ways. 

7. Terror Inc.

So despite the fact that it may not feel like it today there were and still are other genres of comic books. Enter Terror Inc. An immortal who absorbs the powers of others through their dismembered limbs. He first appeared in 1988 as the the villain Shreck and later in 1992 as Terror, which is a much better name to be honest. 

For awhile people thought they were two separate characters but a marvel handbook in 2005 solved that canonical battle once and for all. They're the same. Terror is a demon who as existed through the ages a dark being who slowly learned he could take on the attributes of others by absorbing their limbs. 

He has reinvented himself across the centuries, working for gangsters and drug dealers. He also still maintains a horrifying near zombie or melting man appearance. However as time went on he took on a more anti-heroish stance. He still clashes with some heroes now and then but he's not quite the horrific creature he was first created as. 

6. Man Thing.

Man Thing first appears in Savage Tales #1 in 1971, and is one of those instances where experimenting and gaining fantastic powers is treated as a horrifying occurrence. Ted Sallis was a scientist a bio chemist trying to recreate the captain american super soldier serum which always works out so well for people in the Marvel universe. 

After being betrayed he steals the last vial of the serum injects himself and later crashes into a magical swamp where the combination of gross swamp chemicals the serum and magic turns him into Man Thing. 

Now he is made up of plant matter mostly and secretes a poison when upset and also doesn't remember who he is except for on rare occasions forced to wander the world as a mindless monster. Thanks Captain America. Things have changed a bit over the years but many fans still consider the first Man Thing run a horror classic. 

5. Franken-Castle.

So comic book characters die and are resurrected it's a thing it's kinda hard to get mad or believe any death is permanent. In fact sometimes it would almost be a relief if they were. All of this is to say back in 2009 Frank Castle was killed by Wolverine's son who has a name that fans still argue about how to pronounce despite the author telling everyone at a con. 

So Frank was reassembled as a Frankenstein monster by Morbius and they called him Frakencastle which sounds like a serial. Comes with marshmallow skulls and guns. Morbius wanted him to lead the legion of Monsters but Frank didn't want to and instead dedicated himself to protecting innocent monsters. 

This series was interesting it's not so much the concept of a frankenstein punisher that's frightening but more thinking about the parallel universe where that was a permanent change. Terrifying. 

4. Marvel Zombies.

Marvel zombies was a limited series that ran from late 2005 to mid 2006, and it was what it said on the tin. The marvel universe but with Zombies. This happened on Earth 2149 in this universe the hunger had consumed the world and the zombies were out of food, This series is all about watching heroes and villains alike get killed and eaten by zombies, not literally it has a plot but come on that's why most people read it. Don't lie. 

As an alternate universe story this was is interesting and actually has some effort behind it and has spawned a couple of sequels. Zombies are played out for a lot of people but there are some who genuinely find them scary. The concept of an unstoppable hoard and also just what that does to the world living in constant fear. 

Also what happens to the the survivors for some it's quite compelling just look at how long they've managed to keep the walking dead on. 

3. Dracula.

Yes Dracula is part of the Marvel universe and has been since 1951 when he appeared in the comic suspense #7. However the one that has plagued marvel heroes didn't appear til 1972 after the repealed the supernatural ban and the ban on works based on pre-existing characters. Dracula has been steadily working to increase his power and remove the detriments of being a vampire to achieve true immortality. 

Which would make him an even bigger threat the thing with vampires is they have centuries to amass wealth, networks of people, worshipers and more if one is organized they can have an entire secret cabal behind them before anyone even knows. 

Dracula has raised a vampire army, he's fought the avengers and less frighteningly tried to stop his daughter from marrying deadpool because really Deadpool is great and all as a character but who wouldn't try to stop that. So his head got thrown into the sun but he'll be back they always come back. Maybe he's back now. 

2. Styx.

Styx is a manifestation of one of legions personalities who appears with a very mummified evil cursed pharaoh style design. Styx like many of Legions personalities has a lot of issues and this one wants to ascend to God hood by using an ability to warp reality that he planned to steal from Moira mactaggert. 

Styx highlights the complexity of David Haller as a character who in recent years has turned more anti hero than villain in that there are many things lurking inside some quite evil and it just takes some kind of cataclysm or magic or other occurrence for them to manifest and for the world to be in great danger. One hopes that this evil wraith with stay contained. 

1. Mephisto.

Mephisto first appeared in the silver surfer #3 in 1968 and was inspired by the character from Faust. Mephisto is essentially the Satan of the Marvel universe though not the only one, and has often functioned as a dark tempter just as the devil appeared to tempt Jesus in the dessert Mephisto will appear offering heroes all kinds of things but for a price and often a terrible one. 

Few comic fans will ever forget how the character was used to retcon Peter and Mary Jane's marriage out of existence so that the character could be single and essentially rebooted...again. Mephisto is scary cause he can be employed at the whims of writers and editors for the most terrifying comic event of all extensive retconning. On the canon side he has captured souls and kept them in his realm.

He has partaken in the bad happenings of the history of the marvel world that overlaps with our real world, and he's immortal. 

That is it from today’s post on Top 10 Scariest Supernatural Marvel Characters. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. 

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