Top 10 Superheroes Who Lost To Superman


Top 10 Superheroes Who Lost To Superman

Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Superheroes Who Lost To Superman. For a hero with Super in his name, Superman seems to get an impressive number of beat downs when it comes to battling his superheroic peers. In fact, there have been many superheroes who have stood very little chance when it comes to taking on the massively powerful and sometimes invincible Man of Steel. 

And sometimes to be honest Clark even manages to give better than he gets, whenever he deems it necessary to actually unleash the full potential of his powers. In fact I would argue that Superman only loses battles as often as he does because his morals keep him in check. But when you strip those morals away, he becomes an unstoppable beast. 

Let’s take a look at some of these moments and some of the moments where he managed to keep his morals and still whoop some superpowered booties, as we count down the top 10 superheroes who lost to superman. So many good ones! Alright, let’s get counting. 

10. Goku.

This fight was non-cannon but has been the focus of more than one Death Battle video. Unfortunately the odds of this happening in the pages of a comic or manga seem slim, but you hey you never know. The only reason I’m actually ranking this one so low though is because of it’s non-cannnon status though. Because who wouldn’t want to watch this fight and see Superman triumph over Goku at the very end? 

We all assumed these two would have a great fight as they seem so evenly matched. Both being from very strong alien races, almost the last of their kind. Goku got bested both times due to his desire to keep it a fair fight. In one he could have won if he had decided to use kryptonite but he felt like it was cheating. 

9. The Elite.

This entire team of antiheroes got Superman’s attention after they started dispatching villains in a brutal, violent way, even killing them. Superman being very anti-violence disagreed with their methods and told them to stop it but their leader Manchester Black, a powerful telekinetic refused, laughing in Superman’s face. Much to Kal El’s dismay, the team also seemed to be gaining popularity amongst civilians. 

The team and Superman eventually came to blows and just as they thought they had won and defeated him, Superman reappeared and seemed to hang up his morals momentarily in order to kill them all. The whole battle had been filmed and broadcast so Manchester Black at least was able to declare that this proved that Superman was no better than they were. 

But Superman once again managed to turn the tables on The Elite, revealing that hadn’t killed anyone, just knocked Manchester Black’s teammates out. And that his zapping of Manchester Black’s powers was temporary and he would eventually recover. 

8. The Flash.

On the alternate earth 2, Darkseid managed to create a clone of Kal El which even appeared to possess almost all of the original Kal El’s memories. This version of Superman was known as Brutaal and while Superman often struggles to win against the Flash in the main continuity, this version of Superman both outran the Flash and managed to catch him. 

Even worse he aimed to stop Jason Garrick, earth 2’s current Flash from running away from him but crippling one of his legs. 

7. Maxima.

Based off a similar interaction in the comics, Maxima of the Royal House of the planet Almerac offered herself to Superman in the Superman Animated Series. She told him that they were a perfect genetic match and promised that if he was able to best her in combat, she would wed him. He told her he wasn’t interested which caused her to start a fight with him. 

He did end up defeating her but this only strengthened her attraction to him more, delighted she had finally found someone who she deemed her equal. 

6. Batman.

Usually Batman is the one that beats Superman. Despite not having super powers himself, he is pretty much always prepared going into a battle with Superman. It’s his superior planning skills and ability to be prepared for any outcome that always gives Batman the upper hand usually. But what happens when Batman is without this skill? 

In the Justice League: Origins storyline from the New 52 we get to see what happens when Batman and Superman fight for the first time. Without Batman’s extensive knowledge of Superman, he is left insanely vulnerable to the superpowered Kal El. 

Green Lantern even attempts to help Batman out when all his gadgets that he would normally use to dominate a fight seem to come up short. But even Green Lantern and Batman together proved no match for the Man of Steel. 

5. Wonder Woman.

This one is only ranked so low because it is so brutal. And it hurts my heart whenever I think about it. This fight happened in an alternate timeline where Superman and Batman became tyrannical leaders. Wonder Woman was one of the few heroes left who was attempting to save their world from their facist supremacy. 

She managed to take out Bruce but unfortunately was no match for the enraged Superman that she ended up crossing paths was, who was pissed that she had taken out his bff, Batman. Clark didn’t just beat Wonder Woman, he destroyed her. He demolished her shield, blasted through her bracelets and ended up strangling her with her own lasso of truth. Devastating. 

4. The Hulk.

Any battle with the Hulk proves interesting as not many can take on the green giant and come out victorious. While he’s Marvel and Superman is DC, we all bow down to the Hulk’s strength. In other words, if a hero can beat the Hulk, it means something. Namely that they are one of the strongest in existence, because Hulk is on another level when it comes to his strength. 

During this crossover, Bruce Banner ended up being agitated by Lex Luthor and transforming into the Hulk in Metropolis. With innocents in danger, Superman swooped in and was forced to fight the Hulk out of the area. 

Superman fought him all the way to his Fortress of Solitude but found himself unable to calm Hulk down and was forced to beat him by punching him so hard that he was knocked into the Phantom Zone. Now that is some strength. 

3. Doctor Fate.

This battle was a surprisingly quick one. You would think that it wouldn’t even be a fair fight for the Man of Steel due to his weakness to magic. A weakness that really only exists to prevent him from being so overpowered. Remember the original Superman before the 80s? No weaknesses and just seemed to have a limitless amount of convenient superpowers. Those were the ultimate days for our caped vigilante. 

No longer forever. Superman was retconned to someone who had limits and weaknesses to make him a more interesting character. After all, everyone enjoys reading about a struggle. This battle between Doctor Fate and Earth 2’s Superman, the Kal El clone known as Brutaal was not that though. Not much struggle involved. 

Superman snuck up on the magical hero and smashed his helmet, which is Doctor Fate’s power source basically, therefore in so doing, he instantly defeated him. 

2. Thor.

In JLA slash Avengers from 2003 we saw the two famous superheroes from competing comic book powerhouse publishers come to blows as they raced one another to prevent the opposing team from seizing the 12 items of power. In the series we saw a battle that put Thor up against Superman in the Savage Land in a one-on-one fight over the Cosmic Cube. 

These two strong characters had always been a heated topic of debate for fans, who mulled at who would be who should they come to blows in a crossover. The answer? Superman proved to be the stronger after stopping an attack from Thor and KO’ing him in battle. Ending the famed debate once and for all. 

1. Shazam.

In the Injustice: Gods Among Us video game we saw these two similar heroes come to blows. While many might think that Shazam having magic at his disposal would allow him to make quick work of Superman, being that Superman’s weakness is magic, turns out they’d be wrong. In Injustice we see a darker side of Superman, one who is no longer holding back his power. 

He freezes Shazam’s mouth shut and melts his brain with his heat vision after Shazam disagrees with the Man of Steel. Yikes. Remind me to never get in an argument with Injustice Superman. 

Who would you most want to see Supes fight? What are some of your favourite Superman fights? What do you think is Superman’s greatest strength or weakness? 

That is it from today’s post on Top 10 Superheroes Who Lost To Superman. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. 

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