Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 5 SMARTEST STREAMERS On The Planet. We see streamers pulling all sorts of random dumb stuff on their live streamers and even get themselves banned for it. And while it does give out the impression of these “strange beings” being crazy, some of them are actually pretty smart. 

So, why not take some time and look at how well educated some of our favorite streamers are. I have shortlisted the top 5 smartest streamers who actually have a high education! Let’s dig in... 

5. Sykkuno.

Sykkuno is a name known to every gamer, although most of us didn’t know his real name, which is Thomas. He is an American born popular game streamer, who has made millions of gamers around the world his fans due to his witty and fun gameplay. But besides the fun side, Sykkuno is also one of the smartest streamers in real life. He has a pretty solid educational background for a 28-year-old full time streamer. 

Sykkuno not only completed his high school with a decent score, he also made sure to get a master’s degree in statistics, after he completed his bachelors in mathematics. But that’s not even it, Sykkuno’s passion for games also made him work as a professional game developer for some time. Now that you know all that, have your thoughts about Sykkuno changed? Let me know in the comment section. 

4. Alexandra Botez.

If you love chess, the name Botez sisters must be very well known to you. Alexandra Botez is an American female chess player, who has made a name for herself in the competitive world of Chess due to her impeccable skills. She has a massive fan following on both Twitch and YouTube, where chess fanatics love to see her in action. 

Alexandra started playing chess since she was only 6 years old and since she has bagged a lot of awards including being five-time Canadian national girls champion. She even won US girls national at the age of 15, and she currently holds the title of Woman FIDE master. On top of it all she also has a bachelor degree from Stanford University, which really makes Alexandra one of the smartest streamers out there right now. 

3. Disguised Toast.

We have seen a lot of popular streamers coming up with insane ways to create a unique identity for themselves in this ever-expanding universe of esports and masks sure come up at the top of the list. Jeremy Wang, more commonly known as Disguised Toast became quite a hit with his unique toast mask combined with his frivolous attitude. Born in Taipei, this young lad has climbed up the ranks in the streaming world rather efficiently. 

Fans love his quick-witted jokes and hilarious commentary while streaming Fortnite. But being a variety game streamer, Jeremy loves switching to other games every once in a while to keep his viewers entertained. But besides all his quick-witted jokes, Jeremy also has a 3-year degree in Mathematics from Waterloo university, which according to him comes in handy when playing Hearthstone. Way to go boy! 

2. DataDave.

If you just search for streamers who dropped out of college to pursue their streaming career, I am sure you would find a ton of results. As it can be quite a hassle managing both at the same time, so eventually streamers have to end their educational journey. However, the next guy on this list probably has one of the best stories to tell about his career as a streamer. 

Popularly known as DataDave, this young master’s student was on road to complete his doctorate degree in computer science before he got addicted to Live streaming video games on Twitch and decided to cut short his PhD. Insane, right? Well, according to David he was a “born gamer” and when he got the Twitch partnership to monetize his streams, he decided it was time to be a full-time streamer and pursue it as a real career. 

He has since been getting a lot of attention on his streams but David hasn’t fully let the academics go, he still teaches computer science at Morehouse College. He easily makes it to the list of smartest Twitch streamers with such a high educational background. 

1. Bernard HSU.

Gaming is considered to be a perfect fit for a lazy guy but the next gamer on this list proves it wrong. Bernard HSU, a Taiwanese born gaming YouTuber managed to complete his doctorate degree in medicines from university of Illinois, while also gaming for over 12 hours a day at the same time! Bernard has always been an excellent student from the time he was studying in high school. 

I have seen most of the gaming streamers leave their studies to pursue their gaming career full time, but this guy managed to carry on both, up until the moment he completed his doctorate and then decided it was time to pick one. However, he later decided to turn his gaming channel into a medical channel and gained quite a lot of popularity but he still plays games every once in a while. 

This might not sound exciting but it actually is a tough gig that this young guy had pulled, which makes him a deserving candidate for this list. 

That is it from today’s post on Top 5 SMARTEST STREAMERS On The Planet. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. 

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