Top 5 Kpop Idols Who HIT PUBERTY Super Hard


Top 5 Kpop Idols Who HIT PUBERTY Super Hard

Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing Top 5 Kpop Idols Who HIT PUBERTY Super Hard. Although puberty is not a race, some Kpop idols definitely won as they transformed themselves completely, from nerdy teenagers into the famous public figures in the entertainment industry. Let’s find out about some Kpop idols who hit puberty real hard. So let’s get started.

1. Lisa (BLACKPINK) 

Famous for her trendy fashion style and gorgeous look, Lisa really shocked the public when her childhood photos were revealed. The female idol used to pursue the tomboy concept with pixie hair and boyish outfits. Although she still looks cute in these past photos, her predebut visual is regarded as ordinary, completely opposite to her current striking and enchanting look. 

In fact, Lisa’s looks before and after her puberty were so different that some even accused her of having plastic surgery to improve her appearance. These predebut photos of Lisa once stirred up heated controversy on the Internet surrounding whether she had undergone a nose job and epicanthoplasty or not. Netizens notice that in the past, Lisa used to have a flat, wide and round nose, in contrast to her current thin, upturned and high nose. 

Her face shape and lips are also said to have changed significantly. However, her supporters claim that this staggering glow-up is the result of her puberty and delicate makeup look rather than cosmetic enhancements. At the moment, Lisa is undoubtedly one of the most mentioned female idols when it comes to idols with model-like visuals. 

With her slender figure and sharp facial features, she is often wanted by renowned fashion houses and luxurious brands. 

2. Sehun (EXO) 

Ever since his appearance in MAMA 2013, Sehun has captured the interest of fans and netizens with his breathtaking charismatic and charming prince image. Because Sehun's current visual is so gorgeous, many people were curious as to what his former appearance looked like, especially before the Growl era, and they found these photos of him. 

Some pointed out that as a teenager, Sehun used to have ordinary visuals with crooked teeth and chubby face. A photo from his high school friends also reveals Sehun’s skinny body shape and not very suitable hairstyle in the past. In his early days of working as a Kpop idol, Sehun struggled to stand out among thousands of attractive idols. In fact, he used to receive criticism for his skinny body and ordinary visuals. 

Nevertheless, after years of working in the industry, Sehun has grown into one of the hottest male idols. This Kpop heartthrob hit the headline countless times with his unrealistic body proportions and the enviable height of 183cm. Whatever he wears, his extremely long legs and fit body shape make him stand out in the crowd. 

With the big difference in Sehun's looks before and after puberty, netizens believe that he is one of the idols with the most impressive puberty hits in Kpop. 

3. Joy (Red Velvet) 

When first appearing as a member of Red Velvet at the age of 18, Joy was a chubby and adorable teenage girl. However, as being chubby is not K-netizens’ favor, many criticisms towards Joy’s body shape were posted and discussed all over the internet. 

Lots of people commented that Joy did not take care of her body enough to be able to work in this Kpop industry, where every female artist had to have a skinny body, small face and thin legs to fit in the harsh beauty standards. Some even went as far as looking at her childhood photos and claimed that Joy went through plastic surgeries to adjust her nose, lips and face shape, as she looked quite different from her past. 

However, Joy’s supporters believed that she had to undergo rigorous training and follow a strict diet in order to achieve this look and that netizens should stop criticizing such a young girl for her natural facial traits and body shape. Others claimed that her current gorgeous appearance is a mere puberty result considering how people often look extremely different and transformative after that period. 

Besides the face with sharper lines than before thanks to the loss of baby fat, Joy's body also appears to be curvier. Her healthy figure is said to break the old-fashioned beauty standards and gains lots of love and support from fans. As a result, she regularly appears on the list of “Most attractive female Kpop idols” every year. 

4. Bae Suzy 

With her signature cute, innocent and girl-next-door image, Suzy has amassed fame both domestically and internationally and she has even been hailed as South Korea’s first love. However, in the early years of her career, she used to receive countless criticism for her chubby face and not-so-slim body shape, which contrast to Korea’s traditional beauty standards. 

Upon that, Suzy’s supporters defended that it was normal for a young girl like her to be chubby during her teenage years as she also experienced puberty like anybody else. Therefore, people should not have been too hard on her and let Suzy grow in a healthy and balanced way. And guess what, they were right! As time passed by, Suzy became more beautiful, charming and mature than ever. 

Looking back at her past photos, we can barely recognize the down-to-earth little girl as she transformed into one of the hottest female Kpop idols with a physique considered the body goal of young women. 

5. RM (BTS) 

Not only did BTS’s career make a staggering growth but also their appearance experienced a great transition. One of the members with the most impressive glow up is definitely the leader of this worldwide sensation - RM. From a nerdy and unattractive teenager, he turned into a gorgeous gentleman with irresistible charm. 

Back in those days when BTS still struggled to find their way to success, RM used to receive the most criticism out of all the members for his allegedly unattractive visuals. His tanned skin and monolid eyes were different from most male idols’ at that time and were so hated to the point his photocards were ripped into pieces by some so-called ARMYs. 

Netizens claimed that his fierce facial expression excluded him from the title “beautiful” and some even regarded him as a “gangster” or “mafia”. The sad thing is, RM acknowledges this and suffers from severe mental problems due to his insecurities. However, both his visual and body shape experienced a magnificent change after years of working as an idol. 

RM is now famous for his robust physique and masculine facial features - the wonderful results of his puberty. His exotic Asian look allure with a bright smile and dimples ease the feelings of intimidation This glow up of RM is definitely one of the most impressive transformations in Kpop.
So, which idol do you think has the biggest change in appearance after puberty? Are there any other names that should be added to the list? And do you agree with some netizens that these idols’ visuals changed because they had plastic surgery?

That is it from today’s post on Top 5 Kpop Idols Who HIT PUBERTY Super Hard. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below.

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