Top 7 Kpop Idols SO RICH They Can Retire Right Now


Top 7 Kpop Idols SO RICH They Can Retire Right Now

Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing Top 7 Kpop Idols SO RICH They Can Retire Right Now. Talking about these idols means talking about not just beauty and talents, but also admirable wealth that makes us wonder why they still entered the harsh world of idols. 

These idols were born with a silver spoon right from the beginning, which assured them a well-off life even if they do not work. However, we still see them here as passionate, hard-working and successful idols as they chose the rough path for themselves. So let’s get started.

1. Yuqi ((G)I-DLE) 

Talking about idols with affluent backgrounds, it would be a big mistake if we leave out Yuqi from the rising girl group (G)I-DLE. As the rumours go, Yuqi comes from a not only rich but also powerful family in China. Taking a look at the contents of (G)I-DLE, it can be seen that Yuqi always uses the most expensive phone in the group. 

Besides, she also frequently appeared in luxurious brand outfits, which must have been bought with her own money. When it comes to Yuqi’s upbringing, many sources claim that her parents are prominent politicians in China. It has been known that since her childhood, Yuqi has lived in luxurious houses at top-priced locations in Beijing, where the security guard system is the most advanced. 

The fact that Yuqi’s family is far from ordinary also explains why so little has been disclosed about her background. Yuqi used to attend Beijing 101 high school, which is known as one of the most elite schools in China. Moreover, the school is also famous for its top-notched study environment, surrounded by China’s Old Summer Palace, having a NASA-supported greenhouse and five artificial lakes. 

Of course, Yuqi must have been smart to have gotten into this school, but it is also evident that her family is well-off enough to support her education to the fullest. Although details about her family haven’t been confirmed yet, it can be seen that Yuqi would lead a wealthy life even if she weren’t an idol. 

2. Minnie ((G)I-DLE) 

In contrast to the unconfirmed rumours around Yuqi’s background, Minnie’s wealthy upbringing is somewhat already well-known. Even beyond fans and non-fans’ speculation, Minnie comes from the Yontararak family, which is one of the most elite clans in Thailand. Let alone her parents, all members in Minnie’s big family belong to the “Haissot” - the highest social class in Thailand. 

Many sources even said that Minnie’s uncle is an accomplished classical pianist and music composer in the country and has royal blood. No wonder they say Minnie is indeed a princess of Thailand. Minnie’s father used to be the vice president of the first bank in Thailand, and is now the president of YMCA group. Her mother is a pianist and co-owns a lavish resort. 

Both of Minnie’s brothers went to Chulalongkorn, the most prestigious university in Thailand, before going to England for their studies. Minnie also travelled back and forth to Europe to visit her brothers. Besides, Minnie’s grandparents also own a 4-star resort. That’s why she once told other members in the group that she would like to invite all of them to this resort for a reality show. 

When she came back to Thailand during the pandemic, Minnie was also quarantined in a 5-star hotel, Sindhorn Kempinski, which is among the top 6 most luxurious hotels in the country. In her everyday style, Minnie also exudes a luxurious vibe, with a lot of high-priced clothing items. Needless to say, many fans would say Minnie literally was born with everything, wealth, beauty and talents. 

3. Ten (NCT) 

Another rich kid on the list is Ten. In NCT’s reality show “NCT’s life in Bangkok”, Ten took other members to visit the school he used to attend. And guess what? It was the Shrewsbury International School in Bangkok! If you haven’t smelled the rich vibe yet, you should know that the school costs about 25,000 dollars per year for tuition fee alone. And Ten went to this school over the span of 10 years. 

Comparing this to the average income in Thailand, we can safely say that Ten’s family must be considerably well-off. It is known that Ten’s father is a businessman, although little was revealed about his business field, some fans claimed that he is one of the richest names in Thailand. Fans also noticed how big and luxurious Ten’s house is, and hoped that he would invite other members to his house one day. 

As fans dug up his interviews in Teen Superstar, Ten also shared that he once went to Switzerland just to learn skiing. This boy is no doubt a hidden millionaire. 

4. Chenle (NCT) 

Probably in NCT, Chenle is considered even richer than Ten. Even before his training in SM Entertainment, Chenle had his own mini solo concerts in China sponsored by his parents as gifts for their talented son. Rumours about Chenle’s coming from a billionaire’s family were first started as fans discovered his pre-debut photos. 

It could be seen that little Chenle lived in lavish villas, travelled abroad a lot and showed off an excellent sense of high-end fashion. Later, Chenle’s wealthy background became more confirmed as the hosts of One Night Sleepover Trip visited Chenle’s family in Shanghai. 

It is known that as Chenle came to Korea for debut, his parents bought an apartment in Seoul to come and live with him, and thus he is the only NCT member who does not live in SM’s dormitory. And in Shanghai, Chenle lives in a luxury apartment with a freaking bamboo forest, swimming pool, and the value of the real estate is over 4 billion won. 

When another member in the group, Jisung, came to Shanghai for the reality show “ChenJi this and that”, he was picked up by Chenle in his extravagant sports car. Even Jisung was surprised at how rich Chenle actually is. 

5. Umji (G-FRIEND) 

In one episode of Rumour has it, the hosts introduced Umji as an idol born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Her father turned out to be the owner of a famous dental office chain in Korea. On the website of this dental office brand, there are photos and autographs of Umji and other G-FRIEND members, apparently because its director slash owner is Umji’s father. 

At the time of this episode, 2019, Umji’s father was running up to 43 dental clinics nationwide. Thanks to his successful business, Umji and her siblings also had the chance to pursue their dream in arts. Umji’s brother studied Oriental Painting and her sister studied Korean dance, while Umji herself graduated from an art school. 

Umji was even said to provide some financial support to the whole group during their pre-debut and rookie days. Back then, even their budget for food was limited. At such times, Umji would use her parents’ card, which was later called “the Umji card”, to buy the whole group what they wish to eat. 

Umji’s parents believed the girls should be able to eat what they wanted, and didn’t hesitate to lend a generous hand. Umji is surely the example of how being rich doesn’t keep one from being hard-working and humble. 

6. Suho (EXO) 

Although Suho always denies coming from an extremely wealthy background, he is still the first name to come to EXO’s members when talking about rich family backgrounds. Suho once revealed that his family lived in the same neighbourhood where SUPER JUNIOR Siwon’s family used to live, Apgujung. If you haven’t already known, Siwon’s father is the CEO of Boryung Medicine, a notable medical brand in Korea. 

That is to say, Suho’s family must be far beyond average to reside in the same neighbourhood as Siwon’s family. As other EXO members disclosed, Suho often treated them to meals, which is by no means cheap, as there are so many members in EXO. The humble Suho believed it was normal for a big brother like him to treat others to meals, but this surely said something about his wealth. 

It is also well-known that Suho’s father is an honourable professor in Korea. He has held several titles in universities and social groups. Interestingly, EXO’s fans also found out from a picture of Suho’s handwritten letter that the pen he used cost around 1000 dollars. Such small details further confirmed his affluent background despite his constant claim that he is from a normal working family. 

7. Jake (ENHYPEN) 

Although both of Jake’s parents are Koreans, he grew up with his family in Brisbane, Australia. While little has been revealed about the professions and wealth of Jake’s parents, fans can guess that he comes from a well-off background when looking at the schools he attended and outfits he wore. It is well known that Jake had the privilege of attending St.Peters Lutheran College to hone his music skills while in Australia. 

When he moved to Korea to attend training and prepare for debut, Jake also got into a famous international school in Seoul - Dwight School Seoul, which costs about 27,000 dollars per year for tuition fees alone. It can be deduced that Jake’s family is rich enough to afford such luxurious schools. As his fans pointed out, Jake has developed his interest in fashion even before his debut. 

He has many pictures wearing brand clothes and expensive accessories. As he promised during the idol survival show - I-LAND, Jake even gave a pair of high-end shoes as a gift to Sunghoon. Jake is surely not only rich, but also very generous to his friends. Fans love him even more for his being humble and hard-working while having such a privileged upbringing. 

Although rags to riches stories are always admirable, born rich idols are also admirable in the way that they never rely fully on inborn wealth and constantly try to pursue their dreams. So, are there any names that you would like to add to this silver spoon list?

That is it from today’s post on Top 7 Kpop Idols SO RICH They Can Retire Right Now. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below.

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