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Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 6 Kpop Girls Group Have The Most UNIQUE Costume CONCEPT. While most K-Pop groups will bring whatever pretty and on trend onto their stages, there are also a few that manage to maintain their personal touch in every performing costume throughout various eras and fashion concepts. 

While this doesn’t sound like anything difficult to pull off, it’s actually super hard to do as presenting a style that people can immediately tell which group they are is like trying to produce a signature song in overly saturated genres. So let’s get started.

1. Weeekly 

Despite not coming from a big company, Weekly still manages to raise their popularity to be among the top line of K-Pop gen4 idols thanks to not only the earworm beat of After School but also the style that made up their signature image: colorful, fun and sporty. 

To differentiate their fashion sense from the highteen, Y2K or the girl-crush-inspired style that have been taking the industry by storm in recent years, Weeekly switched to more casual and sporty styles to best portray the lively image of a girl group that always brings joy to people. 

Just like the name “Weeekly,” the performing outfits of the group are indeed fits that everyone could incorporate into their daily style and wear them on any days, any weeks. The most special thing about their signature fashion sense is that, though Weeekly’s positioning image still falls on the girly end of the spectrum, the group don’t usually wear skirts and dresses, especially the sexy ones like most other acts. 

That’s why throughout four promotions, the most picked items of the groups were slightly loose and school-friendly items like polo croptops, sweatpants, sweaters, and cute little accessories like bucket hats, beret caps and beanies. Out of all the fits that they brought onto the stages, probably the outfit set that best represents the group’s style is this from the After School era. 

If you pay close attention to their fits, you will see that Weeekly barely showed their skin during this era. Even when wearing croptops, they still wore protective gear underneath, mostly had on baggy jeans, oversized tees, and the signature accessory of the group - colorful bucket hats. 

2. Aespa 

Completely different from Weeekly, aespa’s stylists have always dressed them in sophisticated designer clothes, tailor-made for each member and highlighted by the strong vibe of sci-fi movies. Famous as the most invested act in all time of SM Entertainment, aespa not only receives the most budget-exhausted concept to debut with but also the prettiest, most unique stage costumes for every comeback. 

Apparently the group has still made headlines for wearing such questionable clothes but except for those once-in-a-while occasions, most of aepsa’s outfits were showered with compliments. Ever since the Black Mamba debut, the group already left people in awe with the special fashion sense. 

Instead of going for the commonly seen girl-crush style with tight badass clothes and items from all the best luxury fashion houses, aespa opted for the fairy-inspired styles, pastel dresses with lots of gems-embedded fringes and sparkling footwear. The stage costumes throughout all following promotions of aespa, Forever, 

Next Level, Savage and Dream Comes True, also remained that same fairy-inspired spirit with sophisticated, tailor-made clothes and lots of bling bling elements. 

The signature thing about their clothes is that, since SM Entertainment positions aespa to be the girl group coming from another universe, or in other words, the world of the future, the fashion sense of the group when not going for those soft, girly and utopia fits were the ones heavily inspired by the dystopian style. 

This switch to a bolder style of a dystopian world was most clearly seen through the Next Level promotion where the members incorporated the racing sets, black gem-embedded dresses and especially these Mars aboriginal-esque costumes into their performing outfits. 

Among the huge cribe of well-invested outfits that SM Entertainment tailor-made for aespa, the most signature ones were still those that were created based on the individual super power of each member in the teaser photos in the Savage era. 

As revealed by aespa’s stylists Kim Wook in one interview with W Korea, the “Easter egg” he left when working on the signature outfits of Savage is that the outfit of each member represented their own symbol and own theories about individual role in the KWANGYA universe. 

Looking closely at the costumes, you will see all the fits were meticulously planned and created to portray the “black hole” symbol of Giselle, “storm” of Winter, “spark” of Karina and “code” of Ningning. Moreover, because aespa in KWANGYA universe are real fighters, Kin Wook also revealed that he had expressed the visual standing on the battlefield through the combination between calm colors and neat, strong outfits. 

For the accessories, Kim Wook only chose futuristic items made out of silver and metalic to represent the “fighters” vibe in the Utopian world. 

3. Orange Caramel 

Debuting as a sub-unit of the legendary girl group After School, Orange Caramel decided to blow a new breeze into the inherently sexy and empowered image of After School by going for the quirkiest and most out-of-this-world concept on Earth. 

To best portray such a playful spirit as well as to escape the overwhelming reputation of After School, Orange Caramel had always gone for some most eccentric stage costumes, cosplaying from the Gangnam-version Cinderella, the innocent version of Carnival dancers, sexy Shanghai girls and the most iconic of all time, the mermaid sushies that were entertainingly portrayed through the Catellena hit. 

Because all the fits that Orange Caramel brought onto the screen were so queer, people found it even more surprisng to see the girls wore the exact same fits to perform on the national TV channels. 

While most acts back then tried to either look irresistibly cute or crazily sexy, Orange Caramel always looked as if they were only there to enjoy themselves, entertain fans and not give a what about the perfect idol figure that others spent years to preserve. 

They even tried their best to make those funny costumes stand out by opting for the most abnormal makeup looks, for example this one with the purple eyebrows, green eyeshadows, heavy pink blushes yet the extremely nude lipstick, extra hairstyle that might sometimes be replaced by peculiar wigs, and some hair accessories that you could have just seen in anime. 

Remember how I’ve said earlier that Catallena was the most iconic hit of Orange Caramel? Because the act’s music was always bizarre, people could totally expect the funny rhythm of the song. 

However, what they didn’t see coming were that Orange Caramel used all sorts of funny head accessories for their stage costumes, from the plates of cupcake, the fish bone wrapped around by a lettuce and a plate of realistic sushies, which ended up fascinating many people for their toy-ish images in the ocean of groups chasing the oversaturated girly and sexy concepts. 

4. Crayon Pop 

Besides Orange Caramel, there was also another girl group whose image could never be mimicked by any other acts because of their admirable courage to incorporate a handful of entertaining headwears, especially the rice-cooker-esque helmets, to the stage costumes of extreme quirkiness. 

If you’re a newbie in K-Pop, you’ve probably never heard of Crayon Pop and that totally made sense because at first, the girls were unfortunately a nugu group coming from a small company. However, thanks to the determination and dedication to making it big in the bloody competitive K-Pop industry, Crayon Pop finally managed to get their name known through the playful megahit Bar Bar Bar. 

Since it was impossible to go head-to-head with the top-notch music production of big companies, the girls decided to stand out outfit-wise and guess what, their reputation went through the roof overnight. Thanks to the colorful gym outfits layered outside the long black tights and especially their signature image - the rice-cooker-esque helmet of matching colors, Crayon Pop quickly garnered attention for the unique fashion sense. 

Their images with such entertaining helmets were so loved that they stuck with this item throughout the Bar Bar Bar promotion and even for the Winter song Lonely Christmas, the girls still brought these helmets up to mix with the Christmas-tree dress. 

As always wearing mere helmets could bore people out, the girls changed up the vibe a bit by decorating horns, stars and reindeers onto the items, making them the one and only girl group whose signature stage costume always went hand in hand with rice-cooker-esque helmets. 

5. IZ*ONE 

As the girl crush concept started to take over the K-Pop industry since 2016 and literally everyone did that, IZ*ONE had decided to go a different path and opted for the elegant, princess-inspired concept throughout their career. It was also for such a positioning that the stage costumes of IZ*ONE are always some of the most graceful and glittering outfits in K-Pop. 

Ever since their debut song La Vie en Rose, the act had already created the impression that they were princesses stepping straight out of the fairytale world. However, that didn’t necessarily mean that their costumes were always predictable with puffy girly long dresses because throughout IZ*ONE promotions, their stylists had proven that the girls could still remain graceful and luxurious with the mix-and-matches of various outfits. 

For example, while the La Vie en Rose era’s highlight was a range of elegant dresses, silky blouses, girly pearl accessories and high heels, IZ*ONE tried to keep up the same luxurious, lady-like spirit yet not bore people out by gradually adding a more modern touch into their costumes for the following eras. 

Besides puff-sleeve blouses and flattering dresses, the girls also incorporated suit dresses, fancier outfits like these Dolce&Gabbana-esque costumes, and even the whole set of suits like in this Fiesta stage. However, because the positioning image of IZ*ONE was still about portraying the girly and fancy vibe, those stiff formal suits were harmonized by the pastel colors and elegant hairstyles. 

6. WJSN 

Despite the official group name being “Cosmic Girls,” their stage costumes were surprisingly down to Earth. You know how we often find it hard to bring a certain set of idols on stage out to real life since everything was too extra and flamboyant? That rarely happened to fans of WJSN because whenever the girls appeared on stage, their signature outfits throughout most eras were pleated skirts, croptops, blouses, and student vests.

The most interesting thing about WJSN's performance costumes is that fans can completely buy or sew the exact same clothes to wear to school, to work or to go out with friends without looking too extra. That’s why WJSN's stage costumes are often praised for being highly applicable. 

So, which group do you think has the most signature outfits? Are there any other groups with equally unique fashion sense that I forgot to mention? 

That is it from today’s post on Top 6 Kpop Girls Group Have The Most UNIQUE Costume CONCEPT. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. 

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