Top 10 Big Streamers Who DATED Each Other


Top 10 Big Streamers Who DATED Each Other

Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Big Streamers Who DATED Each Other. Streamers are usually pretty quiet about their private lives and want their viewers to only be invested in their streaming persona. 

However, whether accidentally or on purpose – many streamers have revealed the information about their relationships to social media and unsurprisingly, many times they happen to be dating other streamers who fans had always speculated about! That’s the topic for today, as take a look at the 10 streamers who have dated each other. So let’s get started.

10. Imjasmine and DevinNash 

Imjasmine is a fairly popular streamer who is known for her travel streams, although she lands into controversy often because of her hot tub streams and the fact that she often gets targeted for harassment in her street-based live streams. Devin on the other hand has 150k followers and generally does streams on tech-related topics. 

Imjasmine is generally private about her life but she decided that it’s time to reveal that she’s dating Devin in a cute video once and since then they have been together. This pleased both of their fans as they believe that the two are really nice together, although this also attracted haters as someone even harassed them in real life once in the middle of a stream. Fortunately, they did not let that incident get to them and are still happy together. 

9. Sodapoppin and LegendaryLea 

Sodapoppin is an incredibly popular video game streamer with over 3 million followers, best known for his World of Warcraft streams. On the other hand, LegendaryLea is fairly popular too and has over half a million followers. 

The two have similar gaming interests and ended up dating each other for several years, until they finally broke up in 2017 – which wasn’t too much of a surprise for fans since they have even argued on livestreams. 

Since then, Lea has insulted Soda on livestreams a couple of times and made fun of him, while Sodapoppin does not act very pleasant when asked about her either. Not every relationship is meant to last, and sadly some have an uglier end than the rest. 

8. LoserFruit & Marcus 

LoserFruit is a very popular streamer with 2.5 million followers and she even has a Fortnite skin based on herself, similar to big-names like Ninja. Meanwhile, Marcus is no slouch either and has over 200K followers on every social media platform that you can imagine, known for his streams related to video games and other cool trends. 

Both of them used to be in the ‘Click’ house, which is a group of streamers who mess around and make videos together – but they left the place. However, the romance that bloomed between them remained consistent and even to this day they constantly tease each other about their relationship on social media. 

7. Boxbox and Enluna 

One of the sweetest romances of the streaming world belongs to Boxbox and Enluna. Sitting at 2 million and 70k followers each, the two of them are fairly well-known in the video game community for their TFT and League of Legends streams. 

The couple has been together for over SEVEN full years and continue to share pictures of the two of them sharing intimate moments together to this very day. It’s always a beautiful thing to witness when a relationship lasts, and it’s probably not going to be long before we end up seeing their marriage photoshoot too! 

6. Hafu & Dog 

Relationships don’t always last, but sometimes a happy ending is just around the corner. Hafu has over 1 million followers on Twitch and Dog is a bit over 600 thousand – and they met due to their mutual love for video games such as World of Warcraft and Hearthstone. They kept their relationship private for a long time but finally ended up revealing that they are getting engaged, much to the surprise and happiness of their fans. 

Eventually, they even got married in April 2021 and since then have often popped up in each other’s streams and play Teamfight Tactics together. Their pictures and videos together are heartwarming to see and they often playfully joke about their marriage on social media too. 

5. Lily Pichu and SleightlyMusical 

One look at any of their pictures together and you will immediately think ‘aww’ due to how cute they appear together. Both of them are Twitch streamers who have over 2 million and 300 thousand followers each and are known for their League of Legends and lifestyle streams. They originally became friends and collaborated with each other for a couple of times, which eventually turned into a proper relationship that lasted two years. 

That’s right, unfortunately their time together came to an end and it shocked fans all over the world because they looked so great together. It raised a question: why? The answer was unexpected as Albert (Sleightlymusical) admitted that he had cheated on Lily and that is the reason behind their ugly breakup. 

Albert then took a hiatus from the internet and even after his return, he has been distancing himself from the Sleightlymusical persona and has been doing new things as a streamer - and even revealed that he’s seeing a therapist. As for Lily, let’s look into what she’s been upto in Number 4! 

4. LilyPichu and Michael Reeves 

A terrible breakup in which you were cheated on can be very heartbreaking and even traumatic for anyone. Lily was going through a lot due to what she was put through, but things changed as she became closer to one of the most recent OfflineTV members, Michael Reeves. 

Since both of them are over the million marks in followers, it’s no surprise that they took each other very seriously - and this led to the beginning of a very adorable romance that warmed the hearts of everyone who watches these streamers. 

In a video, Lily and Michael surprised fans by holding each other’s hands after Lily asked ‘are we dating now?’ and everyone was left pleasantly surprised by their new relationship, which began sometime in early 2020. To this day, they are together and it seems like they’re aiming for a long-term relationship.

3. Anne Munition and Lyloun 

Anne Munition is a popular streamer, especially known very well in the first-person shooter crowd and has over 650K followers on Twitch alone. 

She keeps her private life fairly hidden and even tries her best to make sure that fans don’t know her real name, but she surprised everyone when she revealed her relationship with Lyloun, who, despite being a streamer, is known more as a coach for the Esports group of pro players called ‘Team Vitality’. 

Fans were very supportive as soon as she came out and even some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Valkyrae, sent her a happy message of support. It’s a very wholesome relationship through and through and they seem very happy together. 

2. Mizkif and Maya 

Mizkif and Maya are two of the most notable streamers on Twitch, with Mizkif being on almost 2 million followers, while Maya almost has a total of 600 thousand. Their relationship was something that everyone looked up to in the Twitch community because they met in a very cute way which was simply Mizkif trying to help her with a computer issue, and never seemed to have any hiccups in their pleasant relationship. 

Unfortunately, after dating for two years, Mizkif revealed that they have decided to part ways although they will both remain good friends and will support each other. This came off as a huge surprise to everyone because their relationship was cherished by all and it was something that made people believe in romantic optimism. Afterwards, Mizkif took a break from Twitch and there seem to be no plans of getting back together. 

1. xQc and Adept 

xQc needs no introduction and he has almost 10 million followers on Twitch alone. Being one of the most successful streamers on the platform, it’s no surprise that anything that he does ends up being news within the community – and that extends to his relationship with Adept. Adept is a fairly well-known streamer who does all kinds of streams and has nearly 500 thousand followers on the platform. 

Their relationship was hinted at for ages but they refused to acknowledge it for a long time. That was until one day, xQC walked in on a stream and started to hug and kiss Adept’s forehead - confirming to all that they are indeed together. It may have been a clever way of making it official, or just an honest mistake with him being unaware that they are streaming. 

Unfortunately, they broke up sometime around August due to a serious fight - and if we know anything about xQC, it’s that he goes in gloves off whenever he’s angry. Time passed, and fans felt very sad about the breakup until finally, hints started to drop of the two still being together. Until finally, xQc tweeted an image of the couple sharing an intimate hug together and now everyone is convinced that they are back together. 

That is it from today’s post on Top 10 Big Streamers Who DATED Each Other. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. 

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