Top 6 Kpop Idols You Will Not Believe Had Done Plastic Surgery


Top 6 Kpop Idols You Will Not Believe Had Done Plastic Surgery

Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 6 Kpop Idols You Will Not Believe Had Done Plastic Surgery. While there are some idols said to be 100% natural when it comes to the visuals, it has recently been proven the opposite. 

Even when they are guaranteed to be originally gorgeous by eagle-eyed netizens, that isn’t necessarily the case as according to several experienced surgeons and famous outlets, these idols still have certain traces signaling the plastic surgeries delicately done to avoid being embroiled in unnecessary criticism. So let’s get started.

1. Tzuyu - Rhinoplasty 

According to Dr. Charles Lee, an experienced and famous surgeon on Tiktok for often technically pointing out potential procedures that celebrities had done to have a more beautiful look, it was very likely that Tzuyu has got a rhinoplasty. When looking at the past photos of Tzuyu, Dr. Lee said that he noticed an excess of height between the nostril all the way up to the nasal tip area. 

These two parts of her nose also don't harmoniously blend in with each other because she’s also got a cloverleaf sign and even her central columella is also excessively longer than the standard nose. Explaining as to how Tzuyu's nose could look as perfect as it is now, he said there was a high chance of Tzuyu getting an L-shaped implant to solve all of the mentioned problems. 

However, he also pointed out another explicit trace of plastic surgery, probably out of the belief that some fans still stubbornly fought back his claims, that Tuzyu’s nostril was a little bit crooked and the tip was also off-center. However, many ONCEs still got mad at the doctor for having the balls to assume Tzuyu had had something done and believed that he was implicitly bullying Tzuyu by accusing her of having plastic surgery. 

Still, others said people needed to chill because plastic surgery was completely fine if idols have felt more confident in their new skin. Plus, had ONCEs truly loved Tzuyu for her talents, they shouldn’t have cared much less about whether Tzuyu’s visual was natural or not. 

2. Jennie - Blepharoplasty 

While the visual of Jennie is often said to be 100% natural as had she gotten anything done, she would have matched better with the strict beauty standard of South Korea, many have recently changed their mind after Dr. Lee said that Jennie might have had a light plastic surgery on her right eye to improve her visual. 

According to Dr. Lee, he had always wanted to fix the ptosis on Jennie’s right eye but maybe he doesn’t have to care about that now because ever since after her Solo promotion, her eyelids have suddenly appeared way more apparent and harmonious on both sides. 

Besides, some outlets also pointed out that Jennie might have had a cat eye procedure to have the signature sassy and fancy look like right now as in the pre-debut photos, she looked way softer than present. Beside, Lorry Hill – a beauty blogger with adept experiences in the plastic surgery field, also believed Jennie might have had a blepharoplasty when comparing her pre-and-post-debut photos. 

Reacting to such opinions, many BLINKs fought back and said that there was no way Jennie could have got anything done because all the changes could have been the results of a magical makeup look. 

However, there were also lots of opinions from other BLINKs saying that it was completely naive to believe Jennie’s visual was 100% natural as one, plastic surgery doesn’t equal “obvious” and two, in the industry where visual could determine so much about an idol’s career, it didn’t make sense to say Jennie had debuted with her original appearance. 

Still, people also clarified that admitting Jennie’s going under the knife wasn’t bad because having plastic surgery was never a crime and only those who loved the idols for their looks would care about what had changed about their visuals. 

3. Jisoo - Rhinoplasty (and potential Blepharoplasty and Epicanthoplasty) 

Besides Jennie, Jisoo is also said to have gone under the knife because compared to her baby photos, her nose in the adult period just stands out significantly. 

Starting from highschool, her nose tip started to become smaller and lifted down a little bit compared to her baby photo and when zooming into one of her recent photos, Dr. Lee noticed that the nostril was slightly tilted to the right while the nose bridge somehow leaned toward more to the left, implying her rhinoplasty was probably done by a right-handed surgeon who had inserted an implant through her left nostril. 

Besides, her side profile photo also said to reveal the same thing because the bridge looks suspiciously straight, the thing that was impossible to get with both makeup and lightning. Plus, as straight lines don’t exist in nature, it sounds convincing to Dr. Lee that Jisoo’s rhinoplasty was true. 

Besides, Lorry Hill also suggested that Jisoo might also have had her eyes done because in the highschool photo, her eyelids didn’t stand out apparently but after joining YG Entertainment, not only her eyelids became clearer but her eye corners also seemed to be larger, suggesting her also having a epicanthoplasty. 

However, many BLINKs opposed that Jisoo was actually born natural because none of her features stood out as stiff and plastic to them. Plus, as it has been long known among many people that Jisoo’s beauty is original, it was kinda absurd to suddenly say that she had a few things done to look this gorgeous. 

However, there are also neutral opinions, saying that whether she had got plastic surgery or not doesn’t really matter because she was still gorgeous either way. 

As there was evidence shown by an expert surgeon, they believed in the chances of Jisoo having something done on her face as beauty procedures in South Korea basically means getting your features enhanced with little tweaks here and there rather than having them completely fixed. 

4. Irene - Rhinoplasty, Blepharoplasty, and Jawline Reduction 

According to Lorry Hill, Irene’s rhinoplasty is one of the best and most natural nose jobs done on celebrities because compared to her past photos, her nose clearly looked way more enhanced but it was extremely hard to tell what she had done. Specifically, it wasn’t the matter of making it smaller or refining it but more like a perfect combination of both because Irene had already started out with a cute small nose. 

However, as SM Entertainment’s ambition was to debut a perfect visual that set the bar for other idols, they had Irene go through a rhinoplasty to make the bridge higher and the tip more forward pointed rather than downward pointed like her original nose. 

Lorry Hill believed the case of Irene was so hard that probably everyone in the surgeon room was only waiting for the main surgeon to make the first cut on her nose to exhale in peace. 

Then according to Dr. Lee, Irene might have also had her cheekbones narrowed, jawline reduced and double eyelids enhanced because compared to the past photos, Irene’s visual was way more defined and better matching with the South Korean beauty standard as her face was obviously slimmed down to fit better in the V-line shape, her eyes were enlarged and eyelids were enhanced. 

Because Irene is the visual that has long been setting the bar for the industry, many fans dismissed the allegations that she might have had several jobs done and was inherently born gorgeous. However, others agreed with the surgeons, saying that Irene looked more like a Japanese person when she was young and at certain points, she looked way different from her current visual. 

5. Sana - Rhinoplasty, Blepharoplasty, and Cheeks Reshaping 

On the list, Sana was said to be the second idol with most plastic surgeries because according to Dr. Lee, she has got jobs done with the eyes, cheeks and nose. Especially for the eyes, Sana not only got the double eyelids done but even her outer eye corners were enlarged to give out a more lively and bubbly look. 

But a bit different from most idols, she got her rhinoplasty after debut because firstly, her nosetip looks way pointier in some most recent photos and secondly, when she smiles, the tip couldn’t spread out naturally like before. Even her cheeks reshaping was also done after her debut because compared to the SIXTEEN era, her cheek shape is now way slimmer, signaling traces of a jawline surgery, chin implant and cheekbones reduction. 

However, some ONCEs still believe the stunning visual of Sana right now is just a result of drastic weight loss and even if she looked indeed different, it was completely nonsensical to affirm she went under the knife just by looking at pictures and comparing photos that didn’t even come from the same angles. 

Still, others believed it was completely normal if she had something done and it was more ridiculous if people got shocked to find out about her plastic surgeries. 

6. Jungkook - Rhinoplasty and Blepharoplasty 

When several experienced surgeons claimed that there are high chances of Jungkook having had his nose done and to a certain extent, also his eyes, many ARMYs have expressed their disbelief because according to them, Jungkook was originally born comic-like handsome. 

Still, the experiences of two famous, professionally trained surgeons who have performed thousands of rhinoplasties, Dr.Lee and Dr.Yoon suggested a completely opposite thing because according to them, while his nose used to look soft and especially his alas looked rather broad, both features were improved because his recent photos showed how his nose had gotten narrower and projected forward a bit, two telltale potential signs of Asian rhinoplasty. 

While the changes looked subtle with ordinary people, Dr.Yoon still believed Jungkook definitely got a nosejob and it was just performed extremely conservatively. Dr.Lee also shared the same viewpoint with Dr.Yoon because after seeing Jungkook in real life and having done more research, he saw that Jungkook’s nose had the perfect shape of an implant. 

Besides, Dr.Yoon also pointed out how Jungkook might have also had his eyelids enhanced as in his past photos, the eyelid creases didn’t stand out as much as the latest ones. However, as this change was subtle and many idols also have their eyelids come and go due to makeup, it was fairly hard to tell exactly in this case. However, netizen reactions leaned more to the opposite of these doctors. 

According to them, the photos used in Dr.Yoon’s comparison was misleading as the “highschool” one where his nose was said to be less defined was actually taken for the Love Yourself: Tear album in 2018, while the one with a more defined nose was taken in 2017 AMA. 

Still, there were agreeing opinions saying that the doctors had helped the public have a more realistic view about the visual of idols and it was the toxic fans that always made a fuss over every allegation that should be criticized. 

So, do you believe in the observation of these surgeons or do you still have other reasons to believe these idols’ visuals are natural? 

That is it from today’s post on Top 6 Kpop Idols You Will Not Believe Had Done Plastic Surgery. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. 

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