Top 7 Ridiculously Expensive Collections Of Kpop Idols


Top 7 Ridiculously Expensive Collections Of Kpop Idols

Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 7 Ridiculously Expensive Collections Of Kpop Idols. K-pop fans are already well aware of the glamorous lifestyles enjoyed by their k-pop idols. Nevertheless, taking a closer look at the collections of these popular public figures, we are still in awe of the astronomical cost of some items. So let’s get started.

1. Jennie: Handbags 

Known as one of the most successful artists in the K-pop industry, Jennie is famous for her trendy style as well as her astonishing closet overflowing with luxurious items. Her love for bags is illustrated by the staggering number of extravagant items that she possesses, with a total cost of millions dollars. 

Everytime Jennie appears in public, she shocks others with her effortlessly luxurious look, perfect body shape and astronomical handbags coming from luxurious brands including Chanel, Gucci, etc. The cost of her total brandbag collection is estimated at around $1 million, a mind-blowing figure for many people. 

The most extravagant item in her collection is the $9000 collaboration between Chanel and Pharrell, whose event BLACKPINK attended. Following that, the next most expensive is the Chanel Hobo bags worth $4500. For those with a tight budget wanting to try Jennie’s style, the most affordable item in her collection evaluated at around $30 is from Zara. 

2. RM: KAWS Models 

RM may be the only idol who possesses a one-of-a-kind collection: KAWS models. These are the creations of the well-known artist Brian Donnelly whose exhibitions were once held in Korea. Despite their weird outward appearance, these figures are quite pricey. 

However, thanks to his top position in the K-pop industry, RM owns a large collection displayed both at his home and his personal studio. RM has several COMPANION models, which can cost up to $5,000 a piece. 

Additionally, he also owns various special editions of these models like KAWS*Peanuts and KAWS bus stop series Besides KAWS models, RM also has an extensive collection of BearBrick dolls with dozens of different sets: custom BTS BEARBRICK, MASTERMIND Beatles BEARBRICK, G-Shock DW5600MT G-Shock Man 400% Bearbrick Figure, etc. 

RM often shares his collection on his official Instagram account or shows them off during live streams with his fans. If you want to take a look at his massive collection, follow his social media sites right ahead! 

3. Jessica: Luxurious bags 

Ever since being a member of the well-known SNSD, Jessica has been renowned for her love for fashion as well as her trendy style. A lot of ink has been given to her expenditure on bags from luxury brands around the globe. Her staggering collection includes more than 300 bags from over 100 different brands with a total cost of roughly $1 million, the majority of which are Chanel and Hermes. 

In a YouTube video named “My Forever Favorite Fashion Items” released on Jessica Jung’s official Youtube Channel, she provides an explanation behind her admiration for shopping luxurious items: “Not only do I love shopping but it can also be sort of therapeutic for me.” Obviously, fashion is both a career and a long-lasting love of this talented artist. 

One of the most famous items in her epic handbag collection is definitely the high class Birkin - also known as “the most expensive bag in the world.’’ The price range of Birkin bags in Jessica’s collection hovers from $12,000 to $40,000, capturing the admiration of many “brand hunters.’’ In order to purchase these luxurious bags, you have to be not only an affluent person but also a VIP customer of the brand. 

In addition to being a genuine female tycoon, Jessica Jung also has a close relationship with Hermes’s director of foreign affair- Michael Coste; therefore, it is explicable why she has such a huge Hermes bags collection. In the aforementioned video, Jessica also lists her favorite item: the first Hermes bag she picked up in 2013- a brown Herbag. 

She says she uses this item on a frequent basis thanks to its spaciousness and the effortless look that it gives. She can mix and match this item with different outfits according to various purposes like going to the airport or going out for coffee. 

In order to help beginners in the fashion industry pick up their style, Jessica shares her fashion tips: “When people look for bags that they can keep forever or a bag that’s on the pricier side, they tend to stay safe and go with a black one. However, a bright color bag can be a beautiful accent to the outfit.” 

Additionally, despite being a fashion icon and having an astonishing fortune, Jessica takes each item into careful consideration before purchasing in order that she can use them for a long period of time. 

4. G-Dragon: Fine art 

Besides music and fashion, the leader of Big Bang also has a great passion for art, especially paintings. Many art collectors will take their hat off to his extensive art collection. Staggeringly, the prestigious New York-based magazine ARTnews once listed G-Dragon in the “top 50 art collectors to watch” under the contemporary art category in 2019 in honor of his massive expenditure on art pieces. 

As G-Dragon’s Instagram posts reveal, inside his massive and extravagant penthouse in Seoul are paintings, photographs, sculptures, furniture pieces and collectibles from artists around the globe such as Naoki Tomita, David Hockney, George Condo, ,... resembling an art museum. This huge art collection residing at his luxurious penthouse is estimated at around $15 million. 

Each piece of art is carefully placed around the house in order to contribute to the glamorous overall look, reflecting the delicate style of the owner. Known as one of the most talented fashion icons, songwriters and artists in the K-pop industry, G-Dragon takes inspiration from many paintings to create his own masterpieces. 

Specifically, the painting “Millionaire Nurse” by Richard Prince evaluated at around $3,3 million inspires G-Dragon to write one of the songs in his album Kwon Ji Young released in 2017: “Super star” and “Divina Commedia”. This painting is also known as the most extortionate item in his collection. 

Another art piece that connects to his music would be the Maurizio Cattelan figure, a marble sculpture originally titled L.O.V.E. but better known as The Middle Finger, reminding us of his song “Middle Fingers Up.” Commenting on the glamorous lifestyle of G-Dragon and his massive art collection, many netizens have revealed their amazement as well as admiration. 

They have also wondered how extensive would G-Dragon’s net worth be in order for him to possess such an expensive art collection. 

5. Lisa: Watches 

Lisa is extremely generous when it comes to fashion expenditure, especially accessories like watches. Her watch collection is valued at millions of dollars, including items from luxurious brands such as ROLEX, Cartier, BVLGARI, etc. At a very young age, Lisa already owns several items with mind-blowing price tags. One of her favorite watches is the Royal Oak Quartz valued at $41.500, worn on episode 5 of the show “I am Somi.” 

Another item with an astronomical cost that Lisa owns is Serpenti Seduttori from Bvlgari, worth $27,100. On casual gatherings with friends, she prefers watches with vintage and simple design, like that from Oyster Perpetual priced at roughly $4,500. 

In 2019, Lisa and Jisoo hit the headlines with their luxurious friendship watches from Rolex. Jisoo has been seen wearing the Lady-Datejust watch in yellow gold, priced at $11,910. Lisa’s watch is also from the Lady-Datejust collection, but in the Everose gold color, priced at $12,250. Undoubtedly, the modifier “young and rich” is perfectly suited for these ladies! 

6. P.O: Vintage Cameras 

P.O has a passion for photography, therefore, he owns an extensive collection of cameras with a staggering total cost of thousands of dollars. He has every type of camera that a professional photographer would desire: DSLR, compact, film camera, etc., totalling almost 100 different cameras. 

P.O shares that photographs are the means for him to keep the memories with his beloved ones and cameras play an indispensable role in his life. In fact, he carries his camera with him almost wherever he goes. During his trip to BangKok with the cast of the famous K-drama “Hotel Del Luna” in 2019, P.O took several photos of IU, which later went viral on the Internet. 

7. Dara: Sneakers 

Despite her elegant appearance and fashion style, Dara is a real sneakerhead with a collection of over 1000 items. She shocked the public when sharing her collection on her official Youtube channel with a video entitled “First Time Revealed. Dara’s Luxury Shoe Rack| Online Housewarming Part 2.” Dara’s luxurious shoe rack is packed with extravagant limited edition sneakers. 

Her favorite brand is undoubtedly Nike with sporty and trendy designs. There were also collaboration items between brand Off-White and singer Travis Scott, and even shoes that Big Bang’s G-Dragon created. When asked which pair is the most pricey, she picked G-Dragon’s hand painted shoes and said she can sell them for at least $10,000 due to their rarity. 

Dara also shares that she usually buys and receives sneakers as gifts, sometimes, these shoes can be a real bargain. Dara often buys two versions of each sneaker: one to wear, one to spare. She keeps each pair of sneakers carefully in plastic boxes and displays them at home. 

So, which idol's collection do you like the most? If you could have a collection of your own, what would it be?

That is it from today’s post on Top 7 Ridiculously Expensive Collections Of Kpop Idols. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. 

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