Top 7 Best Sci-Fi TV Shows To Stream on HBO Max


Top 7 Best Sci-Fi TV Shows To Stream on HBO Max

Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing Top 7 Best Sci-Fi TV Shows To Stream on HBO Max. Hbo max has a lot to give in the sci-fi genre. Prestige dramas with great production quality and lengthy episodes offers something different for all age groups. Here's a look at some of the best sci-fi tv shows that you can stream right now on hbo max. So let’s get started.

7. Beforeigners

The first nordic original series on hbo is a fascinating sci-fi crime drama with the most unlikely detective partnership you could imagine. The story revolves around two vikings who magically come to oslo. 

Lars, a senior investigator, partners up with alfhildr to investigate the murder of a stone age woman as they discover many people from the past have sought safety in the present. Beforeigners is one strange murder mystery you don't want to miss with lots of rich comedy material 

6. Years and Years

Years and years is a must see if you were blown away by russell t davies' "It's a sin". This 2019 british sci-fi drama focuses on politician vivienne rooks controversy on live tv. 

With all the ups and downs of the lyons family, when their youngest sibling, rosie goes into labor, from technical advancements to life changing events, the lyons go through it all while maintaining a pleasant sense of humor. As britain gradually transformed into a dictatorship, over the years. 

5. Peacemaker

As tempting as it is to disregard superhero series, peacemaker, unquestionably has a sci-fi edge to it. Therefore, it earns a spot on our list. Despite appearing to be influenced by b-movies, the suicide squad spinoff series focuses on the titular peacemaker. 

James gunn's series is simply amusing and well-written, successfully rehabilitating a hilarious but homicidal monster without compromising the things that make peacemaker such a memorable character with a surprise heart in the first place for his freedom. 

4. Person of Interest 

What if crimes could be avoided before they're committed? This premise has intrigued the interest in jonathan nolan's sci-fi criminal drama. The plot revolves around precog-like like technologies employed by the government to foresee future terrorist attacks. 

However, the machine can also detect smaller, more lethal crimes as well. An underground detective's set out to investigate the persons of interest. The series is clever and entertaining, raising important ethical concerns while providing spectacular action and compelling characters. 

3. Fringe

This five season sci-fi mystery takes the x-files formula and swaps it with aliens from parallel universes with alternate timelines. As a team, fbi agents and scientists work together to investigate a strange phenomenon that cannot be explained. 

Fringe has focused on storyline and character development throughout five seasons of the show, while also bringing new concepts and a powerful emotional core along the journey 

2. Westworld 

It's tough to imagine a western style series with heavy sci-fi elements, but westworld isn't your typical western. Season four of this incredibly mind-bending sci-fi series is expected to arrive on streaming services later this year. We may journey through complicated loops in this new season. 

Season one is set at a violent and obscene amusement park where wealthy guests can shoot, kill, and violate the android hosts in any way they see fit with a focus on dolores and other hosts. Season two and three focuses on the uprising of androids with the assistance of humans. But the story has now developed into a much more detailed premise 

1. Doctor Who 

At this point, it may be tough to recruit new fans for this long running british show. This sci-fi juggernaut on the other hand, has been captivating audiences for decades with its intriguing and innovative plots since it first aired. From time travel to space faring alien exploration the series has it all. 

Doctor who has stood the test of time as one of the most beloved sci-fi series with a rich world of action, comedy, horror and everything in between.

That is it from today’s post on Top 7 Best Sci-Fi TV Shows To Stream on HBO Max. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. 

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