Top 10 Streamers With ZERO RESPECT For Their Viewers


Top 10 Streamers With ZERO RESPECT For Their Viewers

Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Streamers With ZERO RESPECT For Their Viewers. We live in a world where people have a huge attachment to their favorite Streamers and YouTubers, however, a lot of these streamers that people adore have almost little to no respect for their viewers. 

This isn’t inherently a bad thing, however, as it has been showcased by many of them that it does benefit both the viewers and the streamers a lot! Now let's get started!

10. Shroud 

Shroud is constantly known for letting his viewers know that he is not going to do what they want him to do. He’s been there since the very beginning and has almost always remained an aim God and a gaming legend. 

However, when his audience expects him to make the kind of content that they want, he simply refuses and lets them know that he will always be doing what he likes, and he doesn’t care if his viewer count goes down because that’s just the choice he makes as an entertainer! 

9. Ludwig 

Ludwig is highly popular for his constant calling out of the Parasocial Relationships that exist between streamers and their fans. This is a thing that has been happening since a year or two now, and Ludwig decided to let his audience know that he is NOT their friend. 

He posted a video telling his audience that he wasn’t their friend, he also talked about how he didn’t expect anything from them nor should they expect anything from him, and that he is just there for their money and their adoration, not for their friendship. He’s one of the few people who has made sure that his audience understands the boundaries. 

8. Ninja 

Ninja is one of the most outspoken people on Twitch, though sometimes he does things that are arguably some of the worst things you can do. Aside from the recent controversies of him being slightly misogynistic and rude, he also has moments where he will disrespect his fans on live streams. 

In particular, the moment where he was donated 20 dollars by a kid who was then being forced by his mother to get the money back, and Ninja just straight up refused to teach him a lesson. It was not that he wanted those 20 dollars, or that he wanted to teach the kid a lesson, but rather that he couldn’t be bothered with refunding. 

7. Destiny 

Destiny is almost always giving takes that are genuinely horrible for most people. He says things that are highly controversial and exploits controversies that are happening all over Twitch. 

Unlike the afore mentioned streamers, Destiny doesn’t create any boundaries or doesn’t bully his chat. Instead, he disrespects them by feeding them false information, and often incorporating them into controversies and making them join in on his points. However, sometimes that back fires, as it did with a particular take when his audience told him what’s what! 

6. LegendaryLea 

LegendaryLea is by far one of the most controversial people on Twitch, if there is a bad thing you have in mind, LegendaryLea has PROBABLY done it. She has disrespected her viewers many times, but she has also disrespected SodaPoppin who she was dating once, as well as people with terminal illnesses. 

LegendaryLea’s character is forever going to remain in Twitch archives as one of the worst people that have been on the platform, and clips of her are a constant reminder of that. 

5. Invader Vie 

If you think people asking for donations while yelling is a bad thing, you have never heard of Invader Vie. She disrespects her viewers in the worst way; she just asks for donations and constantly belittles her viewers by expressing that they should be donating to her if they are watching her, instead of just watching her for free. 

However, the way she does it is so condescending that most of her viewers don’t realize what she is trying to do! It’s one of the worst things a streamer can do, belittle the audience that they are supposed to be entertaining. 


MMDust is not just a horrible person, but someone that disrespected his entire audience in a flash second at a convention. He was given a panel at one of the Twitch related streamer conventions, and there he began talking about how he thinks that he is better than his viewers and he has a God complex, saying he is definitely on a higher level than all of his viewers which makes him better than them. 

This is by far one of the worst things someone can say to their viewers is saying they are better than them. Fortunately though, MMDust’s horrible comments had huge consequences and he eventually lost almost all of his follower count, and has recently just vanished off the face of Twitch entirely. 


Dellor is known for lashing out at essentially everything. More often than not, he will be losing in video games, that is just how gaming works, you win some you lose some. 

However, Dellor gets angry and starts cussing out as much as possible, he will constantly belittle his chat and offend them, along with bullying just anyone he can in general. He’s someone that has a complete and total lack of respect for their viewers and the people they come across while gaming. 

2. Badbunny 

Unless you’re living under a rock, you know exactly who Badbunny is. She’s one of the most controversial streamers, most popular for the fact that she literally bullied her viewers on chat because she wasn’t getting enough donations. 

She went onto rant for about 10 minutes, screaming and shouting saying that her viewers should donate to her, instead of just watching her for free. She proclaimed that it is ‘illegal’ to watch her without donating, which is VERY far-fetched. 


If you want to have the biggest example of someone who does not respect their audience whatsoever, you should know about ZilianOP. This man was beloved by his audiences for a long while as he was one of the few streamers with disabilities that didn’t let that hold them back. 

However, as it turns out, ZilianOP did not have a disability at all, in fact, he constantly and completely lied to his audiences to their faces as he pretended to be someone who couldn’t walk to gain sympathy from the masses and amass a huge follower count. 

Safe to say, ZilianOP got raged off of the platform by the people and Twitch itself. There is nothing more disrespectful to an audience than being lied to constantly. 

That is it from today’s post on Top 10 Streamers With ZERO RESPECT For Their Viewers. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. 

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