Top 9 Streamers Getting SCAMMED LIVE


Top 9 Streamers Getting SCAMMED LIVE

Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 9 Streamers Getting SCAMMED LIVE. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what you do – there’s no shame in admitting that we’ve all been scammed once. But fortunately, most of us get to keep it to ourselves and avoid being made fun of by our friends. 

The same cannot be said about these 9 streamers though, as they were scammed LIVE on stream and everyone was able to witness it! That’s our topic for today as we look at unbelievably naïve moments from streamers that are generally known for their wit. So let’s get started.

9. KHAOSTV’s trade scam 

KHAOSTV was a fairly well-known streamer who generally played Counter Strike: Global Offensive and as of now his channel is deleted. But the internet never forgets and one of the moments that he is best remembered for was when he got scammed on a live stream! 

One day, he was casually browsing Steam and received a trade request for some CS:GO items. He did not pay much attention to it and ended up accepting it – only to realize that he accidentally gave the person almost everything valuable that he had in the game. 

Although many streamers get scammed online, not many take it to their heart as KhaosTV did and it can be seen on live stream as he was greatly disheartened at what happened. 

8. xQc’s UFO catcher fail (claw crane machine) 

xQc was playing around with a UFO catcher on a live stream and managed to grab a toy – but the machine was rigged in such a way that it opened itself once mid-route just to drop whatever toy that it had grabbed and then went empty to the last section. 

xQc quickly realized that he got scammed and that he could have never won this, which left him disappointed and shocked since he was so close to getting the toy. 

7. Summit1G’s Counter Strike trade fail 

Summit1G is an extremely famous Counter Strike, Valorant, and World of Warcraft streamer who has over 6 million Twitch followers. One day, he was streaming to thousands of followers and accepted a trade of CS:GO items on the live stream. 

However, he did not notice that for a key to a loot box, he ended up trading a 60-dollar skin of a gun. He still had hope that the key would get him a great item that would make up for his loss, but what he received was essentially useless and this led him to have a pretty funny reaction and he admit that it’s embarrassing that the entire situation was caught on camera! 

6. Jerma’s Wii scam 

Jerma was casually streaming one day as he showed off his recent purchase that included a bunch of Rayman Raving Rabbid games for the Nintendo Wii as a collection and he seemed to be looking forward to playing that game. 

However, once he opened the game’s box, to his surprise, it was a Nintendo GameCube disc to a completely unrelated game. Although he was disappointed, he found it funny at the same time and laughed too – and of course, so did his fans! 

5. World of Warcraft gold scam 

Where there is trading, there are scams. This World of Warcraft streamer was casually playing the game when a player talked him into a scam in which he asked him to see something which he claimed was a strat boost, and as the streamer accidentally accepted it – he lost all of his gold in the scam. 

Since this was a consensual trade even if out of trickery, there’s no way to get all of that gold back unless the player just earns it all back from scratch. 

4. xQc’s second UFO catcher fail 

If you thought the first xQc UFO catcher fail was funny, this one immensely tops it! xQc was playing the same live UFO game again and this time the toys were much larger, which makes it easier to grab them. As he managed to hold onto one, he got excited to see it finally get added to the list of his catches. 

However, the machine, even more blatantly than the last time, dropped the toy mid-route on purpose and then went empty to the end. Finally realizing what’s going on, xQc screamed in agony and then yelled that it’s a scam! Well, yeah – we realized that the first time around too. 

3. A kid’s saddening CS:GO scam story 

Not every tale of being scammed live is that of an adult streamer, sometimes the scammers target children who don’t know better. In this story of a poor kid that accidentally traded everything important from his inventory, he thought he was going to receive a Steam gift card in return for giving away the fruits of his hard work. 

Unfortunately, despite the server that he plays in saying that the guy is reputable – he ended up receiving nothing in return and ended up sharing his story while crying. It's truly an unfortunate thing to see and the kid clearly deserved far better! 

2. The iPhone scam 

Here’s a scam that we can all relate to. This streamer was not ‘scammed’ directly on live stream so to speak, but his realization at getting scammed in general is pretty hilarious. As he was casually watching the announcement for the then-new iPhone 12, he realized that it’s cheaper than what he just purchased, which was an overpriced older model of the phone. 

He realized that he should’ve just waited and his reaction is hilarious to watch – although for him it was clearly very painful and frustrating. 

1. DuckyGaming’s failed gamble 

DuckyGaming was a fairly small but known Twitch streamer who mainly played Valve games, such as Counter Strike. One day, he was offered a trade by someone in his friends list and he looked for the person’s reputation, saw their YouTube channel and even tried to follow a guide that would teach him how to trade safely. 

He was very convinced that he knew what he was doing was safe, which is usually far more confident than other streamers who get scammed out of carelessness. However, he still ended up getting scammed by giving the person a rare knife and received nothing in return. And eventually, the person removed him and went offline – making it impossible for the streamer to contact him. 

That is it from today’s post on Top 9 Streamers Getting SCAMMED LIVE. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. 

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