Top 9 ZERO IQ Fails in Minecraft

Top 9 ZERO IQ Fails in Minecraft

Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of  Top 9 ZERO IQ Fails in Minecraft. Minecraft is a game that requires a HUGE amount of brain power to get through. You have to manage hundreds of different resources, along with having to steer clear of Creepers and Skeletons that will definitely rock your socks off. 

Most of our favorite streamers are great at the game, however, they do make a few slip ups here and there. Now let's get started!

9. Dream Gets Absolute Instant Karma! 

Dream’s perhaps the world’s most popular Minecraft Youtuber ever. He’s been renowned for his Minecraft skills for decades and has been constantly improving at the game since the very beginning of his play through. However, in this particular clip, Dream made one of the most 0 IQ decisions of his Mincraft career. 

He jumps in trying to get an easy kill off on a villager, digging straight down. However, he falls down a bit too much and gets stuck… Let’s just say the experience was not pleasant for Dream and his reaction sums it up completely! 

8. ELPWS Digs Straight Down! 

Digging straight down is almost always a death wish in Minecraft. You should just simply never do it, because you might either run into something you weren’t expecting or you might perhaps run out of ground to dig and will genuinely fall down into the underworld. 

In either case, surviving is hard. ELPWS and his 0 IQ fails are well known to the whole Minecraft community, however, this is one of the points where he got a bit too cocky. 

7. Sykkuno Just Wanted a View… 

Sykkuno is one of the most lovable streamers in the world, he’s usually just chilling on stream being an absolute sweetheart. However, that will not be saving him from having those high level 0 IQ moments, which are just undeniably always going to be there for every gamer. 

In Sykkuno’s case, he just wanted a good view but ended up falling into a vat of lava, and losing everything he had collected in the game! This clip is sad at times, honestly. This man just wanted to check out the view… 

6. Chaselyons Got Rid of his Hunger At Least! 

Minecraft is a SURVIVAL game, so making sure your guy isn’t starving to death is VERY important. However, what’s more important is steering clear of Creepers. Creepers are absolutely horrifying, they jump and launch out of nowhere, and blow up right in your face. 

This is what happened to Chaselyons, who was so busy thinking about getting his character some food, that he just never expected a Creeper to fall right from the heavens on top of him. His reaction says it all! 

5. NymN Gets Launched by EnderDragon! 

The EnderDragon is the ultimate Minecraft enemy, it’s the final test of your strength, might, intelligence and survival capabilities. It’s the only thing that is standing between your way and absolute freedom forever, and yet it’s usually a battle so difficult that most aren’t able to cross it on their first couple of tries. 

In this clip, NymN gets a taste of how strong the Ender Dragon is when he gets launched into space by the beast. Here he’s just trying to exploit the Dragon by standing below it, but then he is just sent skyrocketing into the air and falls down to his death, his reaction makes this clip all the more better. 

4. 39Daph tries to Orb Over the Gap. 

Minecraft is a game where you have hundreds of different ways to cross over gaps and reach your destination. You can simply build blocks and make a crossing, you can try to jump over something, perhaps get onto a Llama and ride it over, and of course; you can throw an orb to the other side and teleport over. 

39Daph is one to always laugh at herself, and she’s also one of the streamers who will make at least ten 0 IQ decisions in every gaming session she does. This particular one, Twitch Chat suggested she ‘orb’ over the gap, however, her throw is too weak and she falls straight down into the abyss. 

3. Lilypichu Does Not Understand How Minecraft Doors Work?! 

Lilypichu is such a cutie and to contrast her niceness, we have MichaelReeves who is an absolute maniac. Looking at this clip, it seems that Lilypichu just does not understand doors in Minecraft. 

She can’t put down the doors in the correct order, she keeps putting them down in the weirdest ways making for some of the most incoherent door patterns. It doesn’t even happen just once, she tries to fix it three times but it just doesn’t seem to work! This clip showcases the iconic 0 IQ moment. 

2. xQc Tries Bunnyhopping Away from a Boar! 

xQc’s popular for trying to act like the biggest brain gamer in the world, yet eventually doing so much 0 IQ stuff that he’s part of actual compilations all over the internet. In this particular clip though, xQc is going up against the infamous Boar in Minecraft. 

Of course, to get away from the Boar should be your first priority, but xQc decides to put down blocks and get on top of them instead of just… running away?! This 0 IQ moment results in the Boar instantly taking him out, and his reaction is what makes this clip absolutely iconic! 

1. BrookeAB is Not Dying in Lava. 

BrookeAB is incredibly good at Minecraft… for the most part. Players like her are great at the game but they do have the occasional slip up which can result in some sweet 0 IQ clips. Here, BrookeAB is going constantly down into the ground and proclaims that she will not be dying to Lava. 

However, when that is exactly what happens, the chat just goes wild but it’s Brooke’s face that says it all. It’s a face of utter disappointment and realization that you just simply messed up. 

That is it from today’s post on Top 9 ZERO IQ Fails in Minecraft. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. 

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